Professional organiser Bryony Parr
Professional organiser Bryony Parr shows you how to get your wardrobe in order for the coming season.

When doing a closet clean out – be mindful of what you aren’t wearing anymore and why. Perhaps a certain brand, a certain colour, a certain style – to prevent you buying similar things again.

Get dirty

Pull all your clothing out, vacuum any cobwebs or insects in the hard-to-reach places (nothing worse than knowing you have bugs nibbling on your beautiful clothing) and wipe out the cupboard, including the underneath of the shelves as they get damp or marked with use. Make sure the shelf is DRY before putting any clothes back inside.

No more damp

Replace your damp absorber and mark it with the new date. You can get these at the hardware store.

Check for stains

When going through each piece, check to see if the items need to be washed to prevent long-term stains – with our humid climate closets are damp and clothes may grow mildew on them . Donate any unworn items to charity.

Make a note

It’s a good time to make note of any items you have borrowed or lent and return them or get them back.

Wash, wash

Give all your swimsuits a wash – that way they are fresh for the summer.


If they have holes, they smell, are stained, are all stretched, they are no longer the original colour or shape – time to go!!

Check your shoes

Do they need to be re-healed, cleaned or mended? Jiggle all your shoes to make sure you haven’t dropped an earring or small items in the bottom of your closet.

Think ahead

Unpack and wash any beach bags, getting rid of any sand and damp, to be stored for next season.

Hang it up

Hang all hangers back to front for the next season…. all hangers still facing you. At the end of winter it means you haven’t worn the item and it’s time to donate.

DIY time

This is a good time to fix any shelves that have come loose or door hinges that need tightening – to prevent further, more costly damage down the road.

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