Top Spa etiquette tips that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
picture: Pexels
Top Spa etiquette tips that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. picture: Pexels

4 tips for the ultimate spa experience at home

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Mar 27, 2020

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One of the most calming therapies for depression may be to indulge in a spa at home. A home spa gets your body rejuvenated and helps you look healthy. You will be able to pass the ambiance of your home spa in a relaxed mood. So, here are few ideas below to turn your house into a spa.

Choose the right room

Choose a room if you wish to indulge in the treatment. A bathroom or bedroom would be the perfect option for a home spa. Many people choose to do a home spa in the bathroom because it is easy to clean, so that can alleviate the tension. You can light candles and change your bed to do your face mask if you want the bedroom as your ' spa-room. ' If you feel comfortable, you may even fall asleep

 Light some scented candles 

Scented candles will keep your room fresh, scented candles produce a cozy mood without any bright sun.

Listen to some peaceful music

Music listening relieves tension by relaxing your heart rate and reducing mental activity, Music will reduce your sense of pain. That's why most professional spas play such relaxing songs. Listening to songs triggers serotonin and endorphin, making you happy

Drink something before you start

Green tea and coffee are preferred beverages because they can help you clear the mind. Green tea is also known to help remove toxins from our bodies.

You can follow these steps to enjoy a facial spa at home

Facial steam

Facial steam will expand the pores of your skin and help to eliminate dirt and dust

. It will relax the blackheads, cleanse, and bring a glow to your face by increasing blood circulation through vessels.

Facial and Hair Mask

Face and hair masks help preserve hydrated skin. Most face masks deliver advantages such as reducing fine lines, wrinkles and providing an overall youthful look

Gentle Massage

Take a gentle body massage that helps to relieve stress, anxiety, body pain, muscle stiffness, headache, and depression. You can make a DIY home body scrub using brown sugar, olive oil, and oatmeal. Slowly apply it around the body to remove tan and dead skin cells

Bath salts

Having a hot bath will help relax your muscles and nerves. Adding your favorite bath salts or bubbles will certainly help your body detox experience.

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