Fumigating every surface that the virus might have reached is important. Picture: pexels
Fumigating every surface that the virus might have reached is important. Picture: pexels

5 things around your home you should be regularly sanitizing

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published Apr 8, 2020

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With coronavirus cases spreading at a high rate, self-isolation has been a way of life for some time now. We are left with no alternative but to be our knight in shining armor and to protect ourselves from Covid-19 in every way possible. 

Because it is an infectious illness, the virus can remain on surfaces for several hours, and even for days. 

Fumigating every surface that the virus might have reached is important. Looking at the current situation, we're all doing our hardest to maintain sterility, but others are also uncertain about what to do. 

Here are five things you might not think about cleaning that you should always sanitize/clean.

High-touch surfaces

You have been hearing about high-touch surfaces for quite some time now. But what are they, then? 

These are places that you'll always reach. They are things like doorknobs, handles, lamp switches, drawers, fridge and microwave doors, dining tables and more. To clean up these every day is a duty that you can not neglect at any expense.

Work stations

Wipes are easier to clean electronics than spray (microfiber cloths are great), so if you can't wipe down the place, make sure to wash your hands regularly, at least. Don't fail to tackle specific places such as copying machines and microwave in the breakroom (and even at home).


Wipe clean hard toy surfaces with antimicrobial wipes. The same goes for your kid’s tablets, handheld games, and others. Normally, soft toys should be cleaned in the washing machine, then periodically air-dried. So make sure the washing machine is washed regularly to keep it clean.


You use your mobile phone multiples times in the day and you could even be holding it when reading this. Even though you're cleaning your hands thoroughly with caution, if you're not disinfecting your phone too, the second you're checking an email or text, you're getting germs back to your hands.

TV remote 

Spending time at home could mean spending more time on Netflix, YouTube and watching TV, meaning that you are constantly touching your remote which needs to be cleaned regularly. When cleaning/sanitizing your remote, First remove the batteries to de-germ your TV remote control, then make sure the remote is totally dry before you replace the batteries and turn on your favorite feel-good movie or TV show.

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