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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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5 ways to transform your home with mirror decor

5 ways to transform your home with mirror decor. Picture: Pinterest

5 ways to transform your home with mirror decor. Picture: Pinterest

Published Jan 28, 2021


The rise of the selfie has ensured that mirrors remain an essential part of home decor.

With intricate wooden frames, a glamorous sheen and the ability to reflect light and open rooms, mirrors are being used in interior design in the most unusual ways that far surpasses their original functionality.

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5 stunning ways to display mirror in your home:

Mirror tray

Picture: Pinterest.

Looking for an exquisite way to display jewellery, make-up or perfumes?

With such ornate carvings, mirrors make beautiful trays to set on side tables, vanities or in the bathroom.

If you’d like to be able to use the tray more, perhaps as a tea tray, add handles onto the sides, so it can easily be carried from room to room.


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Headboard. Picture: Pinterest

Finding the right headboard to frame your bed can be difficult, especially when you have a specific, unconventional vision in mind.

Perfect for smaller bedrooms, this trend opens the room by reflecting the area in front of it.

When incorporating the trend into your home, make sure you pick out a mirror that is in the same style as the rest of the room’s theme.

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For a vintage feel, a de-silvering mirror with patchy paintwork will work wonders. For something a little more modern, opt for clean lines, solid colours and geometric shapes.

Bold backsplash

Bold backsplash. Picture: Pinterest

Backsplashes are typically the area behind kitchen and bathroom sinks. In this instance, it’s the area behind the bathtub.

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With statement baths of all sorts rising in popularity, the need to find a balance between the grandeur of such a stand-out piece and the dull area behind it has grown.

Placing a statement mirror with bold, ornate carvings, washed with metallic gold paint or matte white, standing tall and wide behind a brass Victorian bathtub or opulent marble will take your bathroom styling to a whole new level.

Statement mirror

Statement mirror. Picture: Pinterest

A feature wall is the focal area of any room that is usually the most decorated, whether it’s adorned with picture frames, macrame wall art or covered in bold wallpaper.

If you have an area in your home that looks a little stark, hardly gets any sunlight or needs some livening up, a floor-to-ceiling statement mirror might be what’s missing.

Once the mirror is added, place a few leafy potted plants in front of it, decorative baskets and maybe even a tall lamp and cosy armchair to make the area more welcoming.

Grouped mirrors

Grouped mirrors. Picture: Pinterest

Layered rugs have become trendy, but have you heard of grouped mirrors? In interior design, the most appealing decor is that which makes use of varying heights, textures and complementary colours.

Eclectic themes perfectly display this, ignoring the human desire for things to be sensibly uniform and orderly.

Instead, three mirrors, one large, one medium and one small can be grouped together, overlapping one another and creating a whimsically luxurious piece of home decor with minimal effort.

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