26/01/09 Annete Kotzian Tango Real Estate Agent with a 1.3 million house for Sale at Randburg JHB. Photo: Leon Nicholas

London - The ideal age to downsize to a smaller house is 64, a survey has found.

Half of over-60s questioned said they struggle to maintain their current home, while a third find it hard to keep on top of their garden.

One in five said their home feels empty, with nearly a third reporting they have rooms they rarely use.

About 70 percent of the 1 000 respondents said they wanted to move while they are still young enough to enjoy their new surroundings.

Meanwhile a third said they planned to relocate to a much smaller house and wanted to move nearer to amenities such as doctors and hospitals.

The research was commissioned by Retirement Move, an estate agent specialising in homes for older people, to mark the the 50+ Show in London.

Richard Drew, Retirement Move chief executive, said: “Moving at the right time means retirees can get the best out of their new homes, ensuring a focus on living at a fulfilling time of life, rather than worrying about the upkeep for a place that’s no longer suitable.”

Daily Mail