Ceramic curved vases in iguana by Bungalow Rose (wayfair.com), left; three-piece blue-and-green Scout vase set (cb2.com). Picture: Wayfair, DB2

Washington - Nina Bruun is a Copenhagen-based designer who works in trend forecasting. 

Colour is always on her mind and in her work.

"Colour is the best way to reflect your personality in your decor," Bruun says. "It's always amazing when people dare to bring colours into their home."

We asked her for some daring choices in the on-trend colour green.

"Green is here to stay," Bruun says. "With green, it's possible to create so many different moods in your home. By using the bright green, you will get a fresh environment, but if you go for the darker saturated coloyr, you will get a more bold and extravagant feel."