26/01/09 Annete Kotzian Tango Real Estate Agent with a 1.3 million house for Sale at Randburg JHB. Photo: Leon Nicholas
26/01/09 Annete Kotzian Tango Real Estate Agent with a 1.3 million house for Sale at Randburg JHB. Photo: Leon Nicholas

Bad phone reception a reason to move?

By JIM NORTON Time of article published Sep 15, 2014

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London - To some it might not seem like a good enough reason to go to the expense of moving home.

But research has found that homeowners are more likely to move because of a poor cellphone signal than anti-social behaviour or feeling unsafe.

Bad phone reception was cited as the 11th most important reason for moving, while being surrounded by too much anti-social behaviour was 16th and not feeling safe was 17th.

The study of 2 027 adults also found that 72 percent of homeowners are unhappy with where they are living.

Unsurprisingly, the most important factor in homeowners wanting to move was the size of their house – with 26 percent complaining that it was too cramped.

Limited parking, being too far from family and not liking the neighbours were among the other most important reasons.

The survey, by law firm Slater & Gordon, also found that more than a quarter of those who are looking to move said the “stress” of doing so was putting them off. Nearly 40 percent of those who took part in the survey said they wanted to move as they needed a bigger garden.

Sixteen percent thought they lived in a bad neighbourhood. More than one in ten said they were too near a busy road and 16 percent said their home was too far from their family.

Nearly half said they would hate to live in their current home for the rest of their lives, while more than 50 percent said they had been priced out of the market and could not afford to upgrade.

Property lawyer Samantha Blackburn, from Slater & Gordon, said: “It’s sad that so many people are unhappy with their home.

“But it’s good to see that people are actively looking for a home that will make them happier. We find the majority of our clients worry about the stress of moving but some short-term anxiety is normally worth it to be in a home that makes you happy.”


The top 20 reasons for moving:

1 House is too small;

2 Garden is too small;

3 In need of too much work;

4 Too far from family;

5 Undesirable neighbourhood;

6 Not enough bathrooms;

7 Do not like the neighbours;

8 Proximity to busy road;

9 Nowhere to park;

10 Poor public transport links;

11 Bad phone signal;

12 No shops nearby;

13 Bad internet connection;

14 Too far from friends;

15 Too old fashioned;

16 Too much anti-social behaviour;

17 I don’t feel safe;

18 I hate my neighbours’ pets;

19 House has bad memories;

20 No natural light. - Daily Mail

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