Picture: Bathroom Butler

Forming a vital part of every home, the bathroom is finally receiving the acknowledgement it deserves within the design and decor world with 2017 promising some inspired trends. 

“Bathroom design and decor has really come a long way with people realising that the bathroom is pivotal space of relaxation and tranquillity within the home,” explained Andrew Taylor, CEO of Bathroom Butler, featuring at this year’s Decorex Joburg. 

"We are very excited about the 2017 trends that work well to create a minimalist yet functional space, featuring a range interesting finishes and tasteful accessories to achieve the ideal look.”

Less is more

Taylor said the unwelcome habit of using the bathroom as a storage space for ‘never-to-be-used’ products and medication was coming to an end. Instead, the ‘less is more’ approach means de-cluttering and only including items needed for morning and evening routines.

“It is in this space that we prepare for the day ahead, or take time at the end of a long day to unwind,” explained Taylor. “For that reason, we suggest opting for custom-made furniture which doesn’t use unnecessary space, spacious layouts as well as updated accessories heated towel-rails, particularly useful for Joburg residents in winter.”

When it comes to bathroom hues, subtle shades and textures should be embraced. Accented walls behind a bath or basin can be cleverly complemented with similarly coloured mats and covers. 

To create that ideal, cosy atmosphere, shades of blue and green are proving popular while the addition of cobalt-coloured tiles are also coming to the fore. The very on-trend rose gold and matte black bathroom accessories will also create a stylish feel.

Picture: Caesarstone

Old world charm with modern appeal

On the design front, bathrooms are seeing the return of antique designs, as well as inspired styles with the incorporation of marble finishes to elevate the level of sophistication while meeting that modern appeal.

“People are often looking to renovate their bathrooms but it is a daunting task, considering the associated costs and unwanted hassle that comes with home renovations,” Taylor said. “However, the 2017 trends can be easily adapted to fit every budget and need.”

Instead of completely gutting the entire bathroom, the addition of new furniture and accessories while simultaneously upgrading finishes and adding a coat of paint can completely transform any bathroom.

“Adding modern accessories to any bathroom will create the finished touch that adds the homely feel,” Taylor said. “Before choosing your accessories, define your style and consider your colour scheme. Then look at various elements that might work for you such as underfloor heating or mirror lights which add another dimension to the bathroom feel.”

Echoing Taylor’s views on increased minimalism while maximising on function is Geberit Southern Africa’s Head of Marketing, Dorianne Isaacman. “It’s important to create an inviting space that is not only appealing to all our senses, offers ease of use and accessibility, but also uses reliable technology that lies beyond the surface.”

Picture: Geberit Southern Africa
Isaacman said some interesting trends coming through include the open, floor-even bathroom with an integrated shower as well as discreet shower drainage.

“Showers are definitely showing dominance in popularity over baths at the moment,” explained Isaacman. “With toilets, we are seeing the wall hung design with concealed cisterns trending, as they create an open space while the minimalism trend is very evident in the choice of rimless toilets, which are also the more hygienic option.”

That wow! factor

Sugar Plum Interiors reiterated the use of natural elements and colours in the bathroom with something extra to brighten up the room.

“Monochromatic colour schemes with lots of textures, geometric shapes and clean lines are being used in bathrooms,” explained Tammy Maharaj, director of Sugar Plum Interiors. “But we are also looking forward to seeing lots of coloured bathtubs and taps, bringing some style into the room.

Lighting is also a key element which can transform any space. The use of high-quality, recessed downlights in the bathroom creates a warm, soothing environment.”

*  Decorex Joburg takes place at the Gallagher Convention Centre from 9 to 13 August.