Fairy lights
Fairy lights

Decor trend alert: Try tapestries to liven things up

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Apr 27, 2018

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There is more than one way to hang a tapestry, so you’re bound to find one that blends in with your living space, writes Sacha van Niekerk.

If the bare walls in your bedroom or lounge are beginning to bug you, tapestries are a simple and effective way to liven things up.

Historically, these pieces of loom-woven fabric art were a valued form of expression for much of the medieval and early modern period.

Today, they have become a popular method for sprucing up university dorm rooms.

And with social media being what it is, no room is complete without the warm twinkling of fairy lights and the “#JustMovedIn” Instagram post to make it official.

Tapestries are an ideal form of textile art, as they have the ability to depict engaging colours and patterns like a painting, but with the added element of a soft, flowy texture.

There are a plethora of designs, patterns and colour schemes that people have been playing with, ranging from tie-dye to intricate mandalas.

Whether hung above a bed in place of a headboard, or draped behind a couch, these artful pieces fill spaces with colour, texture, and pattern, serving as the perfect way to make a statement.

Thankfully, there is more than one way to hang a tapestry, so you’re bound to find one that blends in with your living space.

Here are five creative ways to get the trend:

From a rod

Hang a tapestry of your choice, that complements the surroundings of your home, using a rod. This will give the statement piece of art a more finished appearance than using nails or double-sided tape. Because the fabric is not nailed to the wall, it allows you to alternate between different forms of wall art and tapestries that match your decor as you upgrade your room.


As a curtain

Windows bring warmth and light into homes. Lined curtains, although necessary in bedrooms, completely block out natural light that comes through a window. In instances where you still want the light and the privacy that curtains offer you, swopping lined curtains for tapestry is a brilliant idea.


Create a canopy

As a child, making forts out of blankets with friends was the stuff of dreams. As an adult, you can recreate that dream in a more sophisticated manner, by creating a canopy of tapestries.

Blend different colours and patterns together for a more bohemian look.


Macramé is a form of textile produced through various intricate knotting techniques. By repeating knots in a certain sequence, patterns are formed.

Hung from a wooden rod to compliment the earthy tones of the yarn, the designs created add unique textures to your space and make for a wonderful statement piece.


Add fairy lights

Tapestries have a sheer quality about them as light is able to pass through the material. Whether you have a tapestry of tulle or cotton, hanging fairy lights behind them really brings out their beauty and creates a cosy vibe in the evenings, perfect for bedrooms.


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