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Now in its 25th year, Decorex SA is bringing together all the right colours, designs, fabrics and inspiration to open up a path of harmonious creativity suited to each individual’s rhythm. 

By channeling the demands of everyday life into a productive, embracing space, visitors will get the chance to discover their own unique style, their #rhythmoflife. 

Co-sponsored by Plascon and Caesarstone, the 2018 edition, which will feature in Durban, Cape Town and Joburg, will exude the captivating Rhythm of Life theme throughout all details of the exhibition.
“When conceptualising this year’s theme, we focused on what influences trends within the industry,” explained Sian Cullingworth, Portfolio Director: Design, Lifestyle and Retail Exhibitions. 

“At the heart of it, it’s our lifestyles that push and dictate trends. Everything that happens in our daily lives impacts us in a number of subtle ways. The constant push and pull of work and play, the tension between our public image and private self. Our inner sense of health, prosperity and happiness…all these are being put to the test. 

"And the way we deal with this is by taking these outside influences, channeling them into something meaningful for us and expressing our rhythm of life in our own spaces. This allows for a harmonious life, which offers the self a sense of revival, replenishment and relief.”

Picture: Plascon

Everyone is trying to attain a sense of balance in the world but this is becoming more difficult as the demands on time, attention and space are increasing. 

There are always more layers being added to lifestyles, to roles in society as well as the digitisation and environmental challenges. As a way to embrace this constant movement, we are forced to create a space that reflects our unique Rhythm of Life.  

“The use of colour helps us to survive the busy city life,” said Cullingworth, expanding on the theme. 

“Colour is also an important determinant of trends, and a great visual way to show the convergence of our public and private lives in our own space. There is also the contrasting need to surround ourselves with nature within the urban environment, and the final desire to create a relaxed surrounding of slow living."

Picture: @home


Decorex Durban: 21 - 25 March 2018

Ticket prices: Adults: R95, Students/Pensioners: R 85, Children under 12: R20, Trade: R85, Exhibitor: R85

Venue: Durban Exhibition Centre
Decorex Cape Town: 27 April – 1 May 2018

Ticket prices: Adults: R110, Students/Pensioners: R95, Children under 12: R20, Trade: R95, Exhibitor: R95.

Venue: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Decorex Johannesburg: 8 – 12 August 2018

Time: 10am – 6pm daily

Ticket prices: Adults: R120, Students/Pensioners: R100, Children under 12: R20

Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre