Image: Pexels

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Wishlists are being written, stockings are being stuffed and chickens are being bought to roast. 

It’s time to focus on that Christmas party you’ve invited all you friends and family to - but haven’t thought of since you sent out the invites last month.

Do not fret, we’ve got you sorted on all the finer details that may have slipped your mind, like the decor.

Here are four Christmas themed centrepieces to spruce up your dinner party:

A piece of cake

This Christmas tree cupcake centrepiece will dazzle your guests and keep them well fed at the same time.

You’ll need:

Iced Cupcakes
Colorful Candies (this centrepiece used rolos with red and gold packaging)
10×20 cm Styrofoam cone

How to assemble this masterpiece you ask?

Use a dab of  icing beneath the cone so that it sits firmly on your plate. Start by sticking a toothpick through the cupcake and then sticking them into the foam, from the bottom and work your way to the top. Fill any gaps with foil wrapped chocolates or a sweet of your choice. Top with a cardboard star to finish off the look.

Good cheer

The holidays are a little merrier  when you can save money and craft with things you have. Repurpose empty wine bottles by turning them into something pretty for your party.

You’ll need:

3 Empty wine bottles

Acrylic paint (brown, red, white, black and orange)


Paint a base coat of brown (for the reindeer) on one bottle, red (for Father Christmas) on another and white (for Frosty the Snowman) on the last. Once dry, paint on the details using the other colours over the previous coat. For example, paint a big red nose in the centre of the brown painted bottle, paint two eyes above the nose using black, and lastly, mix the white and brown shades together to create a lighter shade of brown to paint the antlers onto Rudolf. Leave them to dry before setting them out with the other table settings.

Starry night

Capture the twinkling of stars with this easy, yet mesmerising centrepiece hack.

You’ll need:

3 tall transparent glass vases

3 sets of battery operated fairy lights

6-8 pinecones per jar (this varies depending on jar size)

Place the fairy lights in the jar with the pinecones. Make sure you distribute the string of fairy lights evenly throughout the vase. Voila, that’s it! Dim the lights to the full effect.

Let it snow

In South Africa, a white Christmas is something we can only dream of. Bring the beauty of a frosted Christmas to your home with this centrepiece.

You’ll need:

White paint

Dish washing sponge

Silver glitter

A large candle

An clear glass vase at least 25-30cm in diametre.

White pebbles/sand

Start by dabbing the white paint on the edges of the pinecone using a dish sponge. While wet, dust the glitter over the very edges of the cone. Leave to dry. Place your candle in the centre of your vase and fill the area surrounding it with the white sand, at least two centimetres in depth. Place cones around the cone. On the night of your party, light the candle.