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Get the look: Macramé decor

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Aug 3, 2019

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Macramé, an elaborate form of textile, became “Vogue” in America and Europe during the 1960s and 70s when the fashion magazine released a book about it, bringing it to the forefront of fashion.

The textile is produced through various intricate knotting techniques. By repeating knots in a certain sequence, patterns are formed.

Today the trend is once again infiltrating the decor and fashion, adding its bohemian-chic touch to everything from handbags to pot plant holders.

Whether the piece is hung from a wooden rod to compliment the earthy tones of the yarn used, or made into a captivating dream catcher, the designs created make stunning statement pieces that add unique textures to your space.

Here's how you can get the look at home and in your wardrobe:

Macrame Wall Hanging Dip Dye
R650 from www.knus.co

Picture: Knus
If the bare walls in your bedroom or lounge are beginning to bug you, tapestries are a simple and effective way to liven things up. Whether hung above a bed in place of a headboard, or draped behind a couch, these artful pieces fill spaces with colour, texture, and pattern, serving as the perfect way to make a statement.

Plant hanger
R354 from plantify.co.za

Picture: Plantify
Utilise vertical spaces and add colour and greenery to dull areas by hanging flowers from macramé plant hangers. Ideal for areas with limited floor and shelf space, such as offices and kitchens, this trend works best with the likes of English Ivy, Spider Plant and sword fern.

Knotted Jute Braided Round Rug
R2000 from www.mrphome.com

Picture: MRP
Rugs are known for adding warmth, colour and texture to dull and cold spaces, like a white walled bedroom with tiled flooring, for instance. The right kind of rug can tie an entire room or theme together. Macramé rugs, with their elaborate patterns and designs, can either be chunky or delicate depending on the materials uses - both make a profound impact as far as decor goes.

Nursery decor - Hanging Crib Macrame
R1999 from kidsliving.co.za

Picture: Kids Living
Forget vintage cots and statement feeding chairs, macramé hanging cribs should be the focal feature for nurseries. Suspended from the ceiling, hanging cradles swing and bounce, mimicking the motions infants experienced in the womb.

Handmade Macramé Bohemian Dream Catcher
R1230 from www.wantitall.co.za

Picture: Want It All
Remember dream catchers, the ones hung over children's beds, decorated with plastic beads, leather rope and feathers? Today, they've been made-over with a modern twist using finer materials and trending designs and colours. Use them to fill blank spaces on walls to add creativity to dull areas. 

Macrame for Beginners and Beyond - 24 Easy Macrame Projects for Home and Garden (Paperback)
R251 from www.loot.co.za

Picture: Loot
DIY it by learning to create your very own macrame designs. Macrame projects are the best way to bring the current trend for hippy luxe, boho interiors into your home. This title includes very on trend macrame projects for inside and outside the home. Choose from 12 different projects with an 'easy' and 'more advanced' version for each so you can develop your skills as you go. Learn all the basic macrame knots with the knot tutorial library so you can get started with your favourite projects whether it's the ubiquitous hanging plant holder or a statement arch for the garden or a doorway.

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