Almost half were also unaware of the effect of obesity or age on sperm quality.

London - It’s not too much to ask, is it?

The perfect house is two miles from a supermarket, ten miles from the coast and within walking distance of a pub where the landlord knows your name, a study has found.

The house should have good neighbours on either side, be five miles from countryside, with scenic walks nearby for when the sun shines, and two 37in TVs for when it doesn’t.

Add to the list off-road parking, a spare room, an en suite, a manicured lawn, fast internet access, an open fire, comfy sofa, large bed and a little privacy, and the majority of us couldn’t happier, the study by Banner Homes found.

They asked 2,000 homeowners to name factors which played a part in their happiness at home.

They also found having pets – ideally two – was crucial to a happy home for a third of respondents, with dogs preferred to cats.

Community spirit was also important but six in ten said they didn’t feel part of their neighbourhood. - Daily Mail