The clever hack simply involves putting your matching sheet sets inside one of the corresponding pillow cases.
With the chaos of the festive period now over, many will be busy trying to get their homes back into order. 

And now, experts have revealed a clever hack that will get your linen cupboard under control - and all you need to pull it off is your pillow cases.

The trick, shared on the House&Home Pride Twitter account, involves putting your matching sets of sheets inside one of the corresponding pillow cases.

This means that all the covers from one set will stay together, making it much easier for you when it comes to changing your bed linen.

The trick caused quite the flurry among Twitter users as it began circulating on social media, with one declaring their 'mind blown', and even TV presenter and lifestyle guru Kirstie Allsopp echoing a woman who insisted the idea 'changes everything'.

Other social media users were quick to react to the ingenious hack, with many questioning why they hadn't thought of it before.

Channel 4 presenter Kirstie Allsopp also appears to be a fan, sharing a tweet that reads: 'This changes EVERYTHING.'

Another Twitter user added 'Omg genius!', while one commented 'Oh wow, that is an amazing'.

However, some people revealed that they had been using the trick for years, with one person tweeting: 'Have always done this - and tell all my friends'.

Meanwhile, one social media user shared their own top tip: folding pyjama bottoms into the top so you can easily pull out the whole set in one go.

It comes after de-cluttering expert Anita Birges revealed her top tip for getting your wardrobe in order this year.

Simply put, the technique involves turning all clothing hangers the same way at the start of the year and as pieces are worn, the hangers are turned the other direction.

As a result, it is clear to see what pieces are rarely worn and therefore the best ones to sell, donate to charity or throw out. 

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