How often do you clean your kitchen sink? Picture: YouTube
Sinks are some of the germiest places in our homes, and you're probably not cleaning them nearly as much as you should.

A hygiene expert says we should be giving our sinks a wipe down with disinfectant at least once a week.

But if you've been handling raw meat or cleaning dirt off potatoes, then you will need to start scrubbing much sooner.

Lisa Yakas, microbiologist and Senior Certification Project Manager of Food Equipment at public health company NSF International, told Bon Appétit magazine that you will need to disinfect your sink immediately after handling raw meat or dirt.

That's to stop potentially dangerous bacteria from growing and spreading in your kitchen.

But Lisa says where a lot of people go wrong is that they clean the sink once, get rid of the food, and then don't disinfect afterwards.

She warns that you can only disinfect a sink once all food scraps and debris has been removed and the sink is clean.

Hot water and soap is still the best way to make sure a sink is sparkling.

After it's clean, then use a disinfectant spray or wipe, or vinegar mixed with water or diluted bleach, before rinsing.

Lisa also recommends pouring diluted bleach or drain unlocker down your drain at least once a month to keep bacteria at bay and your pipes unclogged.

 Daily Mail