Graters and presses should also be kept out of the dishwasher. Picture: Supplied

London - Loading the dishwasher can be a minefield, as many couples know. But disagreeing about the best way to arrange glasses, plates and cutlery may not be the end of it.

Now there’s something else to argue about ...which kitchen items to keep out of it.

Wooden spoons and chopping boards should be washed by hand as the high temperatures can cause the utensils to warp, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Instead, it suggests using a drop of chlorine bleach and water on your dirty wooden utensils.

Graters and presses should also be kept out of the dishwasher – as cheese and garlic can get stuck. It is best to use soap, a sponge and hot water. The Institute also recommends old-fashioned elbow grease for filthy pans, first filling them with water, dissolving a dishwasher tablet in them and placing them on the hob. Then, it suggests: "Leave to simmer for around ten minutes. All those nasty burnt bits will simply lift away, leaving your pan as good as new."

Anything made of copper and aluminium should also be washed by hand – as the harshness of the dishwasher will cause fading.

Precious vintage plates should also be carefully washed in the sink – to protect fragile gold trim and hand-painted details from the dishwasher’s high temperatures.

Crystal glasses and bowls, good chef’s knives and cast-iron skillets should also be washed by hand.