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Founding owner of Something Desired and Something Different, Kate Shepherd, shares her top decor tips for growing children's rooms.

Nursery daybed

This can be used from a feeding / sleeping / comfortable chill zone to your toddler’s reading space and bedtime story spot, through to a stylish chaise in a teen room or lounge that can be for reclining and watching TV or reading a good book.


Something Desired is busy developing a few very stylish rails for their current toddler beds, so straight from crib, babies can move over to the toddler beds with no concern of falling, and with it being a single bed, can move all the way through to teen. 

This can be adapted and molded to the style and age of the child throughout the journey.


This doesn’t have to be cheap gaudy prints but can be luxurious soft pendants that give nice night-time warmth for midnight feeds, but can also turn into stylish pendants in whatever room you wish, in the future.

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