How to create a festive setting.
Australian interiors experts, Heidi Albertiri and Lorena Gaxiola share their tips on creating and decorating a stylist-worthy Christmas table.

According to Heidi, who works as a stylist for countless glossy publications, if you're starting to think about styling your Christmas table now - one week from D day - it never hurts to freshen up your canvas:

"I always start to have a bit of a clean out, it's nice to have a clean canvas to start with and work from there," Heidi told Daily Mail Australia.

"I start be tending to my plants that have been neglected, I freshen up my soft furnishings if they need it, replace cushion covers and clear space for my table and Christmas tree.' 

Next, the expert will think about colour schemes and what will complement your home.

"We've been really drawn to muted tones this year for Christmas, mustards, naturals and dirty pinks are definitely on our radar this year," she explained.

Then, it's time to start thinking about the table itself.

 For Heidi, the first thing to think about is a tablecloth. 

"A good linen tablecloth (and yes, tablecloths are back in) is your first port of call," she said.

Add glassware, candles and decorative elements, which fit with whatever look you're going for.

"While in the US people might decorate with winter motfits like poinsettias and pine trees, in Australia it can look unusual when the sun is shining," Lorena Gaxiola told FEMIAL.

"In this case, I decorate with small, simple, green and floral arrangements - as well as clear ornaments."

While this is all very well and good, to truly set your festive spread apart and take your Instagram game to the next level, both experts recommend personalising your table décor:

"I love making little bunches of herbs for my guests to take home with them and they double as a table setting," said Heidi. 

"Personalising the table with objects, colours or items also helps guests to connect and have something to engage with in conversation," added Lorena. 

"People love the extra thought that can put the icing on the cake," Heidi said.

"Whether it's herbs or a muslin bag of cherries or a jar of my homemade rocky road, I always give my guests something to leave with." 

Next, you need to get your hands on some new items to freshen up your table:

"You'll likely be able to keep your staples, like your dinner ware," said Heidi. 

"But maybe change up your napkins and tableware to match your new colour themes."

Lorena recommends mixing up metallic objects for a cool, modern finish: 

"It's okay to use your grandma's old cutlery with new and modern styles," she said.

"Try a vintage market this week to see if there's anything there that will set your table alight." 

Both experts advocate thinking about the finer details - such as smells and overall festive feels.

"There is nothing like the smell of a fresh pine tree when you come home," Heidi said. 
"Having a Christmas candle burning near the table is also a heavenly idea."

"Make it personal, prepare in advance and have your flowers ready, so you can enjoy a Christmas morning with family or friends," Heidi said.

Daily Mail