It's fairly easy to set a home workspace. Picture: Pexels
It's fairly easy to set a home workspace. Picture: Pexels

How to create a home office in a small space

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Jun 10, 2020

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Many people have been forced to, or given the choice to work from home, since the start of the lockdown. Even with the restrictions now being more relaxed, people continue to work from home. 

A few months ago many of us wished we could work from home - how cool it would be to stay in your PJs, not having to stress about commuting to and from work or having to deal with office drama.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a proper office at home, so many have had to find creative ways to work. 

Working from your bed isn't ideal. Picture: Pexels

Your kitchen and dining area is a public space so you’re most likely to be interrupted, often making it really difficult to focus and be productive. 

If you work from your bed it means there's no distinction between your private and “work” space.

In any of these scenarios it can be difficult to clock out of work and get into home mode. 

One of the simplest ways to create a more structured work environment is to create a workstation. This helps the rest of the family understand when mommy or daddy is working and when not.

Space might be limited sometimes, but here are a few ideas on how to create a simple workstation in small spaces.

Positioning is key

Find a space in your home where you’re least likely to be distracted and most likely so have some silence. (Moms will most likely find this difficult)

Lighting is crucial

Ideally you shouldn't have too much light on your screen, especially if you’re working on a laptop. If you have no other choice then make sure you have overhead light or you can have a desk lamp. 

If you want your desk in front of a window, be sure to increase the screen brightness on your laptop. It would be useful if you have blinds to adjust the direction of the light. 

When facing a window it helps to have blinds. Picture: Pexels

Get a good chair

If you prefer to stand and work then this isn’t an issue, but for those who have to spend hours sitting, the correct chair is vital. If possible, you can ask your employee if you could get your office chair. 

Having an adjustable chair is a good investment. A good chair will help insure that you're working at a good height and that your back will be supported.

A good chair is vital. Picture: Pexels

Create an attractive space, decorate it and you’ll be happy to step into your “office”. 

Here are a few small space workstations for inspiration.

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Practising what I preached on yesterday’s post and today I’ve set up my very own (albeit very makeshift) #homeoffice 🪑. . I ordered a cheap & cheerful desk from @wayfairuk as I knew it would be essential for me to have a separate space to work from - both for my own headspace and for the sake of my (very new) marriage as Guy is #WFH too and, quite frankly, we’d kill eachother being in the same room all day and all night - anyone else?! 🤦🏽‍♀️. . I’ve tried my best to create a calming and productive place to work from. It’s important to me to have a view out of the window (natural light) as well as space for all my essentials from my phones to my computer, iPad, notebooks and of course a few trinkets including plants and my most essential - a good candle. Then, I added in some homely editions like a comfy throw, my favourite slippers and some personal prints (including a photo of my idol @katebushmusic in my hometown of #Liverpool and a framed, Indonesian cash note that Guy hid my engagement ring from me in just before we got engaged in Bali 💍) to make me smile throughout the day. . And finally, just because we all need something to cheer us up at this horrible time, check out this FABULOUS monkey table lamp from @iconic_lights - isn’t he amazing?! 🐒 I haven’t got a name for him yet so any suggestions, let me know in the comments 🔽. . On a *slightly* more somber note - I wanted to extend some love to everybody who’s affected by what’s going on at the moment. Whether, like me, you’re an anxious person as is, or if you have ill or elderly friends & family to worry about - my inbox is open any time you want to chat 💚. . #desk #desksetup #deskdecor #deskorganization #deskgoals #homeofficedecor #homeofficeideas #smallhomeoffice #deskspace #homeofficeideas #honeofficedecor #homeofficedesign #homeofficegoals #terracedhouse #victorianhouse #victorianhome #homedecor #quirkyhome #edwardianhouse

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