Keep a clutter free desk in your study or home office. Picture: Supplied

Love Milo founder and designer, Nicki Ellis, shares her tips on keeping an organised home this new year.

General home

Empty out the ‘man drawers’ – get rid of old batteries and keys you don’t use, plus money from foreign countries you can’t spend. 

Have a cable box – old phone chargers, HDMI cords and other cables of which we are never really sure of their use, can start to pile up.   Get a cable box so you know where to find them when you need to.

Re-arrange – sometimes just taking things out of and off shelves and rearranging them neatly is the best thing for sorting out clutter.  It even gets the creative juices flowing. Maybe take a day to this throughout the house.

Keep it decorative - keep a clutter free desk in your study or home office by keeping pens and other essentials in decorative storage jars. Organisation doesn’t just have to be practical, it can be pretty too, like storage jars which add colour and style to any room, while being functional. 

Store room/ garage

Let go - If you haven’t used any of the stuff stored in your garage in the last two years, chances are you probably never will. Rather donate it to charity or a person you know will get use from it.

Pass on or sell the baby paraphernalia - if you’re hanging onto baby stuff for a sister or friend, you could be looking at years.

Organise your mess – if there’s stuff you can’t let go of, then at least clean up your mess. Store items neatly in large containers and categorize and label the containers.


Storage for towels - there’s nothing worse than looking for a clean towel. Store your clean towels neatly in a basket instead of leaving them in the pile of unfolded laundry.  This way they’re always easy to locate. Our beautiful storage baskets are great for neatly storing your towels or can even be used for laundry.

Go green - the bathroom is a great space for calm and relaxation. Play with adding as much natural life as you can to your bathroom; vertical plant walls, frames, moss, hanging gardens, nature-inspired fabrics etc.  Not only does it look great, but it feels good too.