Easy ways to treat sunburn. Picture: Pexels
The holidays are over, but Summer is still here and we have lots of time to have fun in the sun. 
If you plan on spending time outdoors, d on’t forget to pack your sunscreen. 
Professor Patrick Bouic, independent researcher for Cape Kingdom Nutraceuticals says t he effects of mildly sunburnt skin can be treated, and you won’t have to look further than your kitchen for those remedies.

As South Africa observes Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Bouic shares a few tips on how to treat sunburn with simple home remedies:

Milk is magic:
Few people know that milk can effectively help treat sunburn. The fat, protein and pH of milk have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. What's more, if chilled, the cold temperature constricts blood vessels and reduce swelling. Decant a few millilitres of milk into a bowl, dip your facecloth in, and dab the cloth on the affected area.
Many people don't know that milk can help treat sunburn. Picture: Pexels (G.DESIPRIS, GEORGE.DESIPRISS)
Buchu is best:
Buchu is an age-old miracle herb with endless skin benefits. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties treat the pain and discomfort of sunburn and the herb’s anti-histamine properties alleviates itching. Reach for Buchulife’s clear and cooling topical First Aid Gel and apply to the affected area. For added cooling action, keep a tube in the fridge.
Buchu has endless benefits.

Rooibos is right:
Don’t limit your use of Rooibos to a cup of tea. Instead, let the teabag steep in a cup of warm water, drain the excess water from the bag, and dab on areas affected by sunburn. And if your province is not experiencing dire water shortages, run a bath, add a few teabags and hop in.
Rooibos is known to help soothe the sting of sunburnt skin.

Water is a wonder:
Sunburn equals dehydrated skin. So, if you can’t opt for a cool shower; use a cool compress soaked in a little water to help treat your sunburnt skin. And remember to also drink plenty of water. Keeping well-hydrated helps the body to heal better naturally.

Water is a wonder. Picture: Pexels