How to turn your bedroom into a boudoir for Valentine’s Day

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Feb 11, 2021

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Vivian Warby

With Valentine's Day nearly here, how can you make your bedroom both romantic and sexy?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and your bedroom is the obvious place to ensure your home is charged with “that loving feeling”.

But how? Try these idea gathered from experts:

1 Be you

Make your haven more than just a crash pad – give it a lift. Your bedroom should express you. While we really don’t need clutter this space is your nest and sanctuary and it should include the furniture, artwork, clothes and items which are deeply personal to you and which you love.

A bedroom with a guest room feel is not sexy. This is a room in which you reveal an extra layer of yourself, with personal decor, touches doing the trick.

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2 Keep out the office clutter and photos of others

No computer, no wires, no television set. Nothing to do with the office in here. We know many people have downsized and an uncluttered look is sometimes tough to achieve, but try hard to hide such items.

Remember the bedroom should be your sanctuary, a retreat from other life issues. Hide family photographs for the night – becoming sexy with Aunty Ada frowning at you from a side table is a huge turnoff.

3 A good bed counts

Investing in a good bed is worth it. Take time to find one to suit your budget. The should help you fall in love.

We spend a lot of time in bed – even if just sleeping – so making a big investment here is a good choice.

4 Sheets

Soft sheets are a must. They have a high thread count and feel good against the skin. Go for the highest thread count you can afford, whether in Egyptian cotton or silk or sateen.

Once you are in bed, all else disappears and the only thing that matters is how those sheets feel against your body.

5 Turn down the lights

Everyone has a reading lamp, but you need other softer lighting for those special moments. Illuminate the room with low, indirect light. A major light fixture needs a dimmer.

A sexy standing lap is always preferable – think of the allure. Candles always cast a soft warm and sexy glow, and, let’s be honest, everyone looks good in candlelight. But avoid cheap scented candles.

6 Touch is everything

Texture in a bedroom is a must. Throws in cashmere, pillows in faux fur, curtains in raw silk, and soft velvety chaise lounges. These all add luxury.

And remember wall texture, with art, wall hangings, even silky scarves. Think soft.

7 Sound

Peace and quiet are paramount in a bedroom. Especially if you’re seeking romance, you will need to create a space of intimacy and privacy. Add fabric to dampen sound. Heavy curtains, a rug or wall-to-wall carpet muffles noise. Headboards are excellent for absorbing bed sounds.

8 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors can make one feel self-conscious in a bedroom but are super-sexy. Placed strategically, they might add fun. Go for a pretty, large standing mirror which is easy to move.

9 Taste

A small decorative dish of strawberries, figs or small chocolate balls on a side table adds to the romance – a vital sense to offer in your bedroom.

10 Smell

Keep it neutral, never overpowering. Not everyone reacts well to smells. Cheaply perfumed candles and even incense can be a mood-dampener. Instead, find neutral delicate perfumes to add.

Perhaps a small bunch of fragrant flowers, easily removed if they become disturbing, or some natural oils, such as sandalwood or ylang-ylang on a burner to add subtlety. Make it a night to remember.

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