London - If you haven’t got the time or cash to redecorate your home, work with what you’ve got and overhaul the fixtures and fittings. Here are the hottest tips...


Treating your walls to a quick lick of fresh paint will breathe new life into a tired decor. Work out how much paint you’ll need (DIY websites include online calculators). Prepare walls by cleaning with sugar soap and lightly sanding gloss or sheen surfaces so the next coat will stick.

Buy tester pots and paint patches around the room and wait for it to dry. It’s amazing how paint shades alter in varying lights and shadows.

According to the experts at Crown Paint, the hottest colours this season are beautiful, jewel-like hues and seaside pastels.


It’s time to sift through your photo mountain, invest in some frames and get your prized piccies on the wall. For maximum impact, cover one area with an eclectic collection of frames — simple and square, ornate, bold, battered and brand new — picked up cheaply from junk shops and car boot sales.

Alison Cork, home expert and television presenter, suggests transforming picture frames by covering them in good-quality wrapping paper. ‘All you need is craft glue and some spray varnish to set the paper — it looks fabulous!’

Paul Deckland, wall art buyer for John Lewis, says box frames are an effective way to display your pictures and memorabilia. ‘You can pin small items in the frame that tell the story of your photo in 3D.’


Buying a new sofa and chairs can make a huge dent in your budget. If your existing one is looking shabby, consider investing in a set of removable loose covers.

Get quotes from various companies. Or why not dye exisiting loose covers?

With a washing machine dye, you can transform up to 600g of natural fabric per pack (cotton, linen and viscose work well), so check the weight of your covers. Mixing and matching pattern, colour and print is bang on trend — one of the easiest ways to get this look is with a pile of beautiful cushions.

Transform a plain cushion into a designer label style must-have by trimming it with ribbons, lace, fringes and feathers in a palette of clashing hues.

You don’t even need to get out a needle and cotton as a hot glue gun is the best tool for the job.


Take down heavy drapes and clean them or even replace with a simple, sheer roller blind.

Window film is a brilliant option for updating window, doors, shower screens and panels.


Self-adhesive wall stickers are a simple alternative to papering a room and come in a huge array of designs. Stickers are durable, can be easily swapped and leave no residue behind. - Daily Mail