Rose coloured cement door handle.
Decor made from unusual materials is always on trend and in this case, a door handle made cement. It can be described as the ultimate in simplicity.

These decorative door handles are the perfect way to update your home.  Made from cement, they  are hard and soft at the same time, almost velvety to the touch. 

White cement door handle.

The colours are inspired by nuanced earth shades and the style is contemporary with clean lines that reflect and enhance the original choice of the material itself.  If you’re going for a modern or contemporary look, white and grey concrete handles are the perfect choice.

Sandstone coloured cement door handle.
The slimness of the rose that connects to the door is the only structural element open to view and makes for a stylish detail. In technical terms, the handle is made in cement reinforced by a steel core that gives solidity to an ad hoc design.

Handles Inc are importing these trendy handles into South Africa.