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Inspiration for an organised home

By SACHA VAN NIEKERK Time of article published May 31, 2018

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If your morning routine consists of carefully opening a bulging closet door, reaching inside to pull out the first not-too-creased clothing item visible, and throwing it on, then this list was made for you.

We’ve all, slightly enviously, watched home makeover programmes and lusted over Khloe Kardashian’s immaculate closet and pantry (I mean, have you seen those cookie jars?). Unfortunately, vicariously living through members of the Kardashian clan will not result in tidy kitchen cabinets.

Khloe Kardashian has a mesmerising way of organising her cookies. Picture: Pinterest.

To get you in the decluttering mood, and hopefully inspire change, here are six flawless ideas for organising your home.

The pantry

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With cooking and cleaning being frustrating enough for most people, having piles of opened and half-used flour packets, empty cereal boxes and expired bread on your shelves is not going to make the experience any smoother. Decant dry consumable items (such as flour, pasta, cereal, cookies and spices) into glass jars. Stick labels with the names of each item on the front along with expiration dates. At a glance you’ll be able to see which items need restocking and which items can be thrown away.

The fridge

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How many times have you recoiled at the touch of slimy coriander and congealed milk in the depths of your refrigerator drawers? It’s enough to make a person consider takeout for every meal of the day. Throwing away expired items is the first step to having a tidy fridge. Once this is done, use warm water and dishwashing liquid to wipe the interior, removing draws in the process. Separate dairy, fruit and veg, and meat for easy access. Veggies should be kept in their original packaging in the drawers, while raw meats (to be eaten soon) should be kept on the bottom shelf, the coldest part of the fridge. Invest in glass jars to keep salads and cut fruit fresher for longer.


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Jewellery dividers and hooks keep items in their own place, meaning you won't have to spend thirty minutes untangling a wad of necklaces and bracelets before you can leave the house. An ice cube tray is handy for organising smaller items like rings and earrings.

The underwear drawer

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Some people are perfectly happy rummaging through drawers, looking for their favourite pair of undies after laundry day. However, if you’re interested, consider using cardboard dividers to separate your more intimate items.

The craft corner

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Storage trolleys are the way to go for organising craft corners. The shelves offer room for each item to have its own place and the portability makes tidying up easy. Decorative cardboard gift boxes, ice cream containers and glass jars can be placed on shelves and used to separate the various items.


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Over-the-door shoe organisers can be used to store makeup, tools or stationery. There's room for each of the different items to have their own pouch meaning you won’t spend precious time searching for things in the wrong place. Additionally, since it can be hung on a door, it will barely use up any space in your cupboard.

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