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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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LOOK: Everything you need to know about the Summer 2021 aesthetic before you go out to shop

Pink is having its moment in decor . Picture: Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

Pink is having its moment in decor . Picture: Pawel Czerwinski/Unsplash

Published Nov 22, 2021


Being only weeks shy of summer, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the various trends making their way into people's homes and prepare for a change in décor as you fully engage in, and heighten the feeling of, summertime vibes.

Your surroundings, according to psychologists, do affect moods levels, so a change to them should impact the way you experience this summer.

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Here is a list of trends, according to interior decor experts, to incorporate into your home this season.

1. Colour

Pastels, especially softer pinks, with hints of bronze and gold accessories, are all the rage this season. But don't forget earthy tones though, and even warm browns and peaches, which are also making an entrance. Green - and especially sage green this season - continues to be a prominent interior decor colour.

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2. Shapes

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Opt for false arches in old rectangular doorways, as rounder items are a trend. This trend is also seen in furniture pieces with smooth curves creating that cosy homely vibe.

3. Lighting

Opting for natural light is the way to go. Picture: Muntzir Mehdi/Pixabay

Given the nature-esque theme of this summer, opting for natural light is the way to go… and an abundance of it! Pull your blinds all the way up and draw all curtains in communal areas. If possible, break walls to extend windows to let the outside in. In the evenings go for bespoke ceiling, table and floor lamps in bold shapes and designs - these lights are seen as art forms in the home, be bold.

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4. Walls

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Wood panelling has increased in popularity in the months leading up to summer, with many being painted in the pastel shades of the season. Wallpaper continues to be a lasting trend, although feature walls are not as big as they were last season.

5. Flooring

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Vinyl flooring and laminate continue their run as good options for flooring. However, tiling, especially tiles that look like wood, are a big hit. Terrazzo tiles are big in homes this season, but whether this will be a lasting trend remains to be seen.

Herringbone wood-styled flooring is another option to consider. This flooring forms a zigzag design via intentional installation of wooden blocks in a rectangular shape. It’s great for smaller spaces since it adds depth to a room and creates the illusion of movement to a room. But mind, if you’re looking for calming effects, this and Terrazzo tiles may be too busy for you.

6. Accessories

This year's aesthetic leans towards minimalism.


Add wooden pieces following the theme of getting the outdoors in . Picture: Linh Le/Unsplash

If these are not already a part of your usual decor, embrace the idea of placing small house plants throughout your house.


Do not shy away from wooden pieces, especially if you have not already incorporated them into your wall design.

Picture: avery klein/Unsplash


Since tables and desks are generally wood, pick out stone to experience a change. As a natural element, stone adds great value to the outdoorsy theme. Otherwise, consider stone for additional accessories in your living spaces.

Outside Decor

Do not forget about the outside decor! Simple pieces such as round warm brown cushions and cotton rugs are just about what you need for the patio area. A small cosy sofa is ideal for the garden.

There you have it… Everything you need to know about the Summer 2021 aesthetic before you go out to shop!

IMPORTANT: Do not get too caught up trying to follow the trend 100%, disregarding personal favourites. Remember, it is your safe space, your home, and you need to feel comfortable. Mix and match, if you so desire! See the trend as merely a guideline.

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