Picture: Marchelle Abrahams

In celebration of spring, Love Milo designer Nicki Ellis has given these fragrant, statuesque flowers pride of place as the signature design for her latest ranges of ceramics, fabrics and wallpapers.

For this boutique home and decor store, the new Magnolia design represents the first time the brand has added a flower to its nature-inspired repertoire that has become beloved for their ant, branch, dragonfly and fern designs. “I have such a passionate love affair with flowers, I honestly couldn’t wait to finally use one!” says Ellis.

What stands out about the magnolia is that if you have had one growing in your garden, it’s large, sometimes plate-sized flowers with a waxy finish and a scent redolent of creamy sweetness and citrus, makes it unforgettable. It lingers as the beautiful part of memory when you recall your childhood, or the other summers and romances, people and places of your past. 

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Pretty magnolia plates for the weekend.

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She says: “Many of the designs I use have nostalgic memories for me, and they are often based on plants I had in my garden growing up. We had a beautiful magnolia tree in our garden, and I will never forget how pretty it was when it flowered.”

With Love Milo‘s ethos of bringing outdoor beauty inside so that we feel our innate connection to nature in daily home life, their latest Magnolia design brings out not only on-trend florals but a new colour palette for the brand that first made its name in black and white. Magnolias blossom in a range of colours, but it has been the arresting pink hues that caught Ellis's designing eye. 

“The idea to bring the magnolia pink colour in seemed like the right step for me,” she says. “I feel that the design maintains the unique Love Milo look because I have used a branch to tie it in. It fits well with the current pink trend and perfectly with our upcoming brass products. The colour and the design itself are much softer and more feminine, and I’m loving this new direction.”

Love Milo‘s new Magnolia design will be available across all their ceramic and textile products, as well as in 100% recyclable wallpaper. The ceramic range includes different-sized Magnolia cups and mugs ranging from R157.00 to R278.00 with stylish wooden saucers. Magnolia fabric, 100% cotton, printed in eco-friendly ink, is available at R404.00 per metre, while Magnolia wallpaper retails at R650.00 per metre. 

The entire Magnolia range and many more products are available on the Love Milo website.