Facing the big spring clean can be daunting.

London - Does the very phrase “spring clean” bring you out in a cold sweat? Don’t despair, because you’re not alone. While we all hanker after a year-round spick, span and clutter-free abode, the annual big spring clean isn’t something most of us relish.

However, the longer we leave it, the worse it will get - so roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work some serious elbow grease.

“Facing the big spring clean can be daunting,” agrees Rachael Hughes, who set up award-winning green-cleaning company Green Mop five years ago. “A tidy house is much easier to clean, so the first chore is to declutter. Sort through all the stuff you’ve previously piled up to sort out later... because later is now.”

Thankfully, the market is crammed with aesthetically pleasing cleaning products which might make the job more bearable.

Rubber glove and cloth specialist bizzybee.co.uk reckons the best time to tackle the big clean is the beginning of April, and to clean each room from ceiling to floor, removing cobwebs before washing the windows and vacuuming the carpets.

“Take everything you will need into the room you are cleaning and stay in there until you’ve finished, otherwise you will traipse dirt all over the house,” says Lawrence Roullier White, of roullierwhite.com.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to splash out on some beautiful new cleaning attire.

And don’t forget the duster and polish while you’re at it... - Daily Mail