Oh dear, decor queen Kirstie Allsopp says 'think twice before painting a house grey'

By DAVID WILKES Time of article published May 24, 2019

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London - Over the past decade, grey has become the new magnolia when it comes to giving the walls in our homes a lick of paint.

But when Kirstie Allsopp advised those who think it gives rooms a classy look to steer clear of it, she found she had kicked up something of a storm.

The TV presenter warned in a post on Twitter: "Think twice before painting a house grey, even the palest grey. It seems to be very fashionable at the moment and I’ve yet to see it done really successfully."

Within hours she was deluged with replies from fans of grey, which now comes in shades such as "pale dove" and "smoked glass".

Many opponents also sent Allsopp photos of their favourite grey rooms.

One said: "My whole interior house is 50 shades of grey", while another wrote: "Can’t agree with you, Kirstie. I went for pale grey and white because I have lots of pictures and things in bright colours."

But support for Allsopp came from Cheryl Baker, of pop group Bucks Fizz, who said: "Grey is the (relatively) new avocado! The penny will eventually drop that it can be an incredibly dull and boring colour."

As the debate raged on, Allsopp said: "Well this proves one thing once and for all, there is no earthly way of knowing what will get folk in flap." And she explained her position, saying: "Grey indoors swallows light, we need to maximise light in our homes."

As for what to choose instead, Allsopp said: "Whatever colour you like as long as it is at the very palest end of its spectrum/colour chart. Then go for broke on cushions, throws, sheets, and curtains."

The Location, Location, Location host may be right that grey has had its day. The Dulux colour of the year was recently announced as Spiced Honey – a dark beige tone.

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