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Wall decals aren't high on the list when it comes to stylish interior design. In fact, one of the first things that springs to mind are those cutesy stickers of bears holding balloons that plaster the walls of babies’ nurseries.

However, more sophisticated designs with contemporary twists have resulted in decals being reclaimed by interior design.

Not to be confused with stickers, decals are a design prepared on special paper for transfer onto another surface. They use a special adherent on the under surface which means that they can be re-positioned a few times before the adhesive wears out.

Decals are an easy way to decorate without damaging walls with hooks, double-sided tape or paint. Apart from walls, they can be applied onto other smooth, non-porous surfaces, like furniture, doors, windows and mirrors. It's the ideal temporary decoration, suitable for those who enjoy keeping with the latest trends and are constantly updating their decor, plus since it’s inexpensive, it won't have you emptying your pockets.

From bold flowers flourishing above the headboard to intricate designs running concurrently up and down the wall, decals add an element of charm to otherwise dull spaces and they have the ability to completely alter the feel of a room.

Five sophisticated decals to transform your room from drab to fab:

Pretty leafy

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With little effort, decals can be used to add colour and detail to white walls. With a broad range of colours, shapes and designs available, it's possible to cherry-picking what suits your living space.

Floral blooms

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Charcoal pairs beautifully with dusty rose hues. As seen above, decals can be cut to fit around door frames, wall tiles and light switches, just make sure that the scale of the pattern is in proportion with the room size. A large room can handle bold, flourishing designs, whereas smaller rooms require finer, more delicate patterns. 


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Stick smaller decals in any formation you wish to create intriguing wallpaper-esque patterns. Metallic decals are a simple yet fun way to dress up bare walls, and they pair well with most shades ranging from light to dark.

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Geometric patterns and designs are becoming increasingly popular. These custom designed honeycomb decals, in various colours and patterns, are ideal for businesses and families and can be used for interior decoration or at events. When applied correctly (following instructions specific to the decal) they are removable and will not damage walls.  


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Placed in alternating directions, decals can give off a 3D illusion and create beautiful patterns on your walls.