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Scatter cushions are the decor world’s most versatile accessories. You can change them like you change your mood, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

Decor accessories like scatter cushions are an inexpensive way to reflect your interior transformations. They can add interest to an otherwise dull-looking room or create a cosy atmosphere in a cold setting.

Elle Decor’s trend advice for Autumn 2018 is all about layering, opting for colours that reflect your outdoor foliage, and cosying up your place as much as possible.

Here’s how to achieve the look:


Layering with different colours adds contrast. Mixed fabrics are on-trend this year and it allows you to play around with different textures.

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Detail in nature

Weylandts’ Herbarium scatter cushions are based on fern prints done by Thomas C Balgrave, an enthusiastic English botanist. In 1860, he recorded his findings on South African ferns in an exquisitely illustrated book.

Multiple Fern Leaf Scatter - R1 195, Picture: Supplied

That cosy feeling

Bring that warm, fuzzy feeling into your home by incorporating fabrics like suede and corduroy into your decor palette.

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If you still consider yourself a newbie when it comes to scatter cushions, follow lifestyle brand Beetroot Inc’s top 3 tips:

Size up your room

Identify the predominant colour. Choose scatters in very different prints that all nevertheless include this exact colour.


Break rule #1

Go for scatters in completely different colours - just make sure they’re all of the same intensity.

Priced from R139, Picture: @mrp_home, Instagram


Never match your scatters to your sofa unless you’re going for that “hotel” feel.

Elephant Stripe Cushion Cover, R325,

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