Ornate items displayed around the home which Rajah collected during his travels. Pictures: Armand Hough/ANA Pics
Ornate items displayed around the home which Rajah collected during his travels. Pictures: Armand Hough/ANA Pics

PICS: Inside Gavin Rajah's chic Mother City apartment

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Feb 18, 2019

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Art, the kind on canvas. The cityscape suspended in a view. And objets from around the world. All add life to the halcyon haven fashion designer Gavin Rajah has created for himself.

His loft apartment in the heart of Cape Town is expectedly chic but surprisingly, seductively calm.

Rajah, who moves in circles of the rich and famous, says he thrives on the energy of the city, but his home creates a safe distance from it.

“I bought the apartment in 1999. It was one of the first loft developments in the city,” he says.

The open-plan living room gives way to massive bay windows that overlook the city skyline.

“You go to London or New York and you’re in the middle of the city and it’s a living space. It’s a creative space, and I like that as well.”

That said, when he moved in it was a concrete shell. The industrial chic vibe in no doubt thanks to his taste for the luxuriously tactile. But the space has been allowed to evolve with its owner and he says, remains a work in progress.

The grand granite-topped kitchen is the grounding focal point of the apartment, while large bay windows frame the city in its constant flux. On a clear day, you can see as far as the harbour.

The stairway leading to the upstairs study and bedroom.

The decor is lavish, but not extravagant; cosy, but not claustrophobic. He surrounds himself with what’s meaningful.

He’s a keen collector of art, and among the stand-out pieces are two larger-than life paintings by British-born artist Killy Kilford and a trio of prints by one of our most recognised contemporary artists, Lyndi Sales.

The comfortable daybed tucked into a corner of the living room.

Rajah, who has a home ware collection in @Home, says people are seeking comfort and practising mindfulness.

Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution appeals to him.

“Meditation, for example, is best done at home and not in a class or studio. Your home is just there for you to breathe.”

The chandelier hanging from the loft ceiling creates dramatic effect.

Comfort aside, there’s quirkiness here, and then there’s drama.

There’s a shell mobile which he had made in Costa Rica and there’s a chandelier Overall there’s a home with personality.

Gavin Rajah is known for his intricate design still. It’s only fitting that his home reflects that.
The outside entrance is adorned with a little garden which Rajah planted and maintains himself.

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