Revolutionary new gadgets unveiled at the LA tech fair

By Daily Mail Time of article published Jan 8, 2019

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They are hailed as the gadgets that will revolutionise our lives – or those of our pets but  just how many of us will consider these hi-tech innovations as must-haves is open to question.

They range from a toothbrush that can clean your teeth in ten seconds to a feeding bowl that can recognise your cat and send pictures of it eating.

Other gadgets on show this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas include ‘walking’ emergency vehicles that could be deployed in rough terrain in areas devastated by earthquake or flood.

Then there is a hand-held wand that takes close-up pictures of the face and applies tiny amounts of make-up serum to cover any imperfections such as broken veins or age spots.

And, in a sign of the times, there are even sex toys that link to your Amazon Alexa or Apple Watch devices.

Headbands to enjoy electric dreams

Dreamlight with orange lights to ease you to sleep and green to wake you up, this eye mask and headband claims to be able to send insomniacs into a deep slumber. It feeds data to an app, telling users how much sleep they have had. The mask claims to ease jet lag and remove puffiness.

There is also a ‘heating mask’ which is meant to simulate a person stroking your face.

10 Second toothbrush

Y-Brush  - this cleans your teeth in just ten seconds. The battery-operated tray comes in four different sizes.

It fits over the teeth and, as it vibrates, fine nylon bristles clean them, using normal toothpaste.

After five seconds on the top, the tray is flipped over for five seconds on the bottom. For the best results, users should make a chewing motion.

Cordless hairdryer with a rechargeable battery 

Volgo Go is a cordless hairdryer with a rechargeable battery in the handle that allows it to run for around 20 minutes on a medium heat.

Unlike traditional corded hair dryers, which rely on blowing air across a metal coil that has been heated by having electricity passed through it, the relatively heavy Volo Go uses quartz infrared bulbs to create radiant heat.

Microbrewery in the kitchen

LG Homebrew is a device, looking like a large coffee machine, that makes ten pints of beer in a fortnight using three espresso pod-style capsules that contain the malt, flavouring and hop oil. It can brew pale ale, stout or lager and is self-cleaning.

Wash dishes wherever you are

Tetra is a portable dishwasher the size of a cardboard box and weight of a small suitcase. It washes the dishes using just four litres of water. With its own reservoir, it can be used anywhere that has an electrical socket

Feeding bowl that does a cat scan

The Mookkie. This smart feeding bowl uses facial recognition to unlock access for your cat, preventing a rival from stealing their food while keeping out flies. Its wifi link allows the owner to watch via phone as their pet tucks in.

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