‘I have always delighted in filling my home with the things I have made and objects found in obvious and sometimes obscure places,” says home economist Denise Kiggan, who describes her Freshly Found décor accessories as a blend of vintage, repurposed, restyled and handmade treasures.

“The vibrant tension between old and new items alongside each other and the surprise of traditional in a contemporary and unexpected way is a cherished love for me.”

Drawing on her eye for the unusual, Kiggan reinvents vintage ties, embroidered wall hangings and old jerseys into fresh and funky scatter cushions.

Vinyl LP record covers find a new purpose as vibrant origami folded boxes. White puzzle pieces become delicate heart shaped objets d’ art and knitting needles form the stems of intricately crafted paper flowers. Bowls fashioned from old lace dipped in plaster of paris make for interesting conversation pieces.

The revival of an “old fashioned” skill flows like a retro thread through the Freshly Found range.

“I started crocheting covers for glass jars and Pyrex bowls and they have been a big hit.”

Kiggan admits she would rather be trawling through items at junk shops, Hospice and SPCA charity outlets than spending time anywhere else.

“Finding what has been put aside, forgotten and well worn inspires me to push my creative boundaries,” she said. “To most people these are just mundane things, but with a fresh perspective I give them a trendy new lease of life.”

Kiggan has a deep respect for people with talent and regularly taps into their skills.

“An important element of my business philosophy is to use local artists and crafters as part of my production team.”

With her enthusiasm for experimenting with a range of eclectic designs, Kiggan hopes Freshly Found will continue to bring the past into the present.

To check out Kiggan’s soulful one-of-a-kind décor accessories visit the Freshly Found space at Earthmother Organic, 106 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban. - The Mercury