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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Seasonal autumn cleaning checklist with PeakMart

According to experts, deep cleaning your home during autumn is a great way to ensure you achieve a ‘healthier winter’.

According to experts, deep cleaning your home during autumn is a great way to ensure you achieve a ‘healthier winter’.

Published Mar 8, 2022


We’ve all heard and have taken part in the annual spring clean but have you ever done an autumn clean?

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Well, according to experts, deep cleaning your home during autumn is a great way to ensure you achieve a ‘healthier winter’. The season of temperature drops and golden leaves is fast approaching which means heaters and hot water bottles will be in full swing.

However, a heated home brings the perfect breeding environment for germs, bacteria, mould and mites to thrive on and with just a few simple cleaning tips, we can help you keep the seasonal germs and bugs at bay to ensure your home is ready for the winter.

Declutter your space

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We’re all guilty of storing unnecessary items we no longer need, and it starts to clutter our space over time. To avoid hoarding for another year, use this seasonal clean to let go of a few items you no longer find of value. Those books you’ve had on your shelf for the last two years collecting dust, get rid of them. That cute summer dress that you’re no longer wearing, donate it or give it to someone who might use it.

Remember, decluttering your space doesn’t solely mean throwing your unwanted items into dirtbags and calling it a day. Instead, use this opportunity to donate your pre-loved items to local charity stores or shelters. Top off your now organised space by freshening the room up with an aromatic scent using PeakMart’s KuaKua’s aroma diffuser.

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Deep cleaning is essential

We know that when it comes to summertime cleaning, most people tend to only clean what’s visible. Well, as we enter a new season, it’s time to ditch the light sweeping and do a much deeper cleaning. We’re talking about reaching into the nooks and crannies of your bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and lounges. To avoid missing a space, try drawing up a list to ensure every aspect of your home gets the attention it needs.

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The bedroom

  • Vacuum or sweep the room and under the bed
  • Flip the mattress
  • Clean your carpets or rugs

The bathroom

  • Clean any mildew and grime build up in bath/shower
  • Clean your shower and bath mats
  • Clear out the cabinets of expired products

The living room

  • Vacuum and steam all furniture, this includes pillows
  • Thoroughly clean laptops, PCs and remotes
  • Clean floors, rugs and carpets

The kitchen

  • Clear out the fridge of any old food
  • Defrost the fridge
  • Clean your oven and stove from any grease
  • Dust and wipe down any small appliances

Your cleaning supplies

Now that you’ve run through your checklist, you need your supplies. Whilst these are just suggestions, you can also use whatever supplies you already have in your house.

Detergents- If you’re working with harsh chemicals, keep your hands protected with a durable pair of household gloves.

Brooms- If you prefer sweeping over vacuuming, PeakMart has a wide selection of broom and scoop sets available in-store and online, and guess what? They’re great for sweeping up smaller particles of dust.

Cleaning utensils- Leave your toilet rim looking clean and fresh using your preferred detergent and toilet brush cleaner.

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Ensure your seasonal deep clean covers all the bases when you shop these products and more online and our new walk-in store at 1 Van Riebeeck Road, Bellville.

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