Edison-inspired bulbs, with visible interior filaments, remain on-trend for 2020. Picture: Pixnio
Edison-inspired bulbs, with visible interior filaments, remain on-trend for 2020. Picture: Pixnio

Shining a light on 2020's top lighting trends

By Staff reporter Time of article published Nov 6, 2019

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“Lighting is such an integral and important aspect of interior design - not only does it add to the aesthetics and mood of a room, but it also provides important anchor features, and of course, the necessary practical aspect of the light itself,” explains Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse.

She adds that when it comes to lighting trends for 2020, there is a definite emphasis being placed on clean, pared-back and unfussy designs: “I believe that this underlying trend is a response to our societal awareness that we ought to pare back consumerism and clutter, and lead a simpler lifestyle – both for the health of our planet and for our own mental wellbeing.”

Davidson provides an outline of the top trends she believes are influencing lighting design going forward:

Modern organic

This oh-so-trendy decor style brings the beauty of nature into interior decor - creating minimalist spaces that are light, airy and heavily accented with natural materials and indoor plants. Lighting that complements the Modern Organic style has a broad base with regards to design, but is unified by the use of natural materials and an underlying rustic feel.

Natural inspirations

It seems that 2020 will continue the ever-popular trend that focuses on a return to nature. Influencing all design, including lighting, there is a strong focus on organic-inspired lines, geometric shapes, soft neutral colours and natural materials, such as wood, stone, metallic and glass.

Boasting jellyfish-inspired shapes, the Hydra Black pendant (R2 999) and floor lamp (R3499) are the perfect complement to the Modern Organic decor style.

Boho chic

Making big waves today, this decor style is not new, but it has been reinterpreted to be more versatile by being more polished and refined. The 2019 trend-worthy Boho Chic style cross-pollinates seamlessly with other popular vintage-inspired decor styles, such as Mid-Century Modern, and Rustic Farmhouse for example. 

Lighting that complements this style boast earthy materials, and handmade touches, such as beading, tassels, distressed finishes, hammered metals, and highly decorative detailing.

Retro bulbs

Edison-inspired bulbs, with visible interior filaments, remain on-trend for 2020. However, with a clearer focus on energy-efficient versions of these classic designs, such as LED filament globes from The Lighting Warehouse for example. 

Not only are these bulbs much more energy efficient, but they are also available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and they boast an impressively long lifespan, without compromising on cool aesthetics.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting, or nightscaping, has been a huge trend in 2019, and it will remain an increasingly popular trend in 2020. Outdoor lighting enables us to use our outdoor spaces as an extension of our indoor living spaces - and in South Africa especially, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of our lovely weather and enjoy a bit of al fresco entertaining? 

Natural rattan pendants, such as those from the Pescatore range from the Lighting Warehouse for example, are incredibly versatile, and work well across a variety of different styles.

Aside from the practical benefits of outdoor lighting, it also has the ability to add a sense of magic to outdoor spaces.

Liveable luxe

Inspired by the glamour of five-star hotels, the Liveable Luxe décor style is all about the creation of understated glamour in everyday spaces. Success lies in choosing glamorous statement pieces, and complementing them with modern furniture with simple and streamlined design lines. 

Its formal and glamorous, but without all the fuss. Lighting that complements this décor style includes fittings that boast sleek materials, polished metallic finishes, and designer sophistication.

Architectural floor lamps

Floor lamps remain a great way of providing subtle accent lighting, or for adding to a room’s existing lighting design and providing much needed task lighting in hard-to-reach areas. 

Floor lamps can also add a dramatic and eye-catching focal feature to an interior composition. Today, there is a wide variety of sculpture-inspired floor lamps to choose from – each one a piece of art in their own right.

LEDs reign supreme

LEDs have become exceptionally popular – largely because they boast a myriad of benefits, including the fact that on average, they are designed to last for 25 000 hours, they offer the most energy efficient form of lighting, they hardly generate any heat at all when operating, and they are 100% recyclable. 

They are also incredibly versatile – available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from globes, through to striplights, built-in LED decorative pendants, and even LED tube lights. What’s more is that due to high demands, their price has come down considerably – making them far more affordable.

Fresh traditional

An elegant mix of old and new, this style has been on-trend for quite a while and it seems there is no chance of it abating any time soon. Lighting to complement this refined and eclectic style boasts traditional shapes with a modern twist. Popular soft, gold finishes are an especially great complement to this style.

Retro industrial

Industrial design has been on trend for quite some time, and it remains a very popular option. When it comes to industrial lighting going forward, we will be seeing industrial-inspired designs, but with vintage undertones of retro and antique designs of times gone by, but with a more refined finish – wire cages, dark and polished metallic tones, and exposed industrial accent and features remain fashionable. 

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