The Bahama from Grafton Everest. Pictures: Supplied
The Bahama from Grafton Everest. Pictures: Supplied

Sofa trends for 2020 is all about comfort, functionality

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Mar 8, 2020

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As the cocooning trend deepens, so the home and how it looks has really started to come into its own.

This is according to Amy Whittam, marketing executive for seating manufacturing conglomerate, The Bravo Group. “People are staying at home a lot more today than they ever did in the past – whether they are socialising, entertaining, or just relaxing with family, the home has become the go-to place where life is enjoyed and memories are made," commented Whittam.

"There has been a major upswing in consumers investing in seating and sofas,” she added.

And with this upsurge, there has been a notable increase in sofa trends. Here are some insights into the most notable trends for 2020:

Crazy about comfort

Cultural shifts in how we live have seen a major upswing with regards to focusing on functionality, convenience and comfort across all aspects of our lives – from fashion, through to design, decor, and of course, seating. 

Says Sue Scott from Grafton Everest: “The ability to work, shop, stream theatre-quality content, and virtually connect with anybody from anywhere without leaving our living rooms, has not only changed our habits, but it has also dramatically influenced the way we design and what we expect from our seating, and as a result, comfort and functionality have started to take centre stage.”

The recently launched Hayden couch from La-Z-Boy.

Get crafty

The Millennials have brought about an increased demand in craftsmanship and quality, says Theo Van Der Hoven from furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy: “This trend is a reaction to the overwhelming foray into mass consumerism from the ‘80s and ‘90s. 

"It is based on an ethos that more is not always better – instead, the consumers of today would rather have less, but ensure that it is of an excellent quality instead. This is true in what people are eating, what they are wearing, and what they are using to decorate their homes with.”

Those were the days…

Decor has seen an increasing rise in the popularity of antique and vintage-styled furniture and fittings. Dominique Resnik from Gomma Gomma, notes: “The rising popularity in antique and vintage inspired decor indicates a broader return to more traditional interior decor. 

"This trend is categorised by classic shapes, various fabrics with interesting prints and rich textures, wallpaper and colour palettes – all of which combine to create a feeling of exuberance, and layered opulence.”

Marvellous materials

Luxurious textures and eye-catching designs – this is what is currently in vogue in the world of fabric upholstery. Velvet-inspired fabrics are an especially hot commodity at the moment. 

Velvet in particular, has not only returned to the fashion runways, but has made great strides in the world of interiors – adding a touch of style, elegance and glamour. 

Gomma Gomma has recently expanded its range to include the newly launched Egoli Collection.

“With regards to upholstery trends, velvets are soft, delicate and very comfortable, while velour offers similar qualities to velvet, but it is far more durable and more affordable," added Whittam.

Fabrics with interesting patterns are also making a huge comeback – designers are shifting the couch as the backdrop of the living room decor, and instead using interesting upholstery to make it the star of the show!”

Crazy about colour

Whittam says that the resurgence of colour and bold prints remains the biggest trend with regards to home decor and furniture design in 2020.

“Although nature-inspired tones, such as beige, stone, black and grey, remain ever popular neutral tones for lounge suites, we are seeing a major resurgence of highly patterned and brightly coloured furnishings.

"From paint and decor, to bedding and upholstery, now is the time when you can truly express yourself with your favourite hues and colour pallets. Deep jewel tones, such as deep purples, emerald greens, sapphire blues, and deep mustard gold have never been more popular. Dusty pinks, greys and mauves are also really hot right now.”

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