Nature is the number one inspiration for bathroom design today in colours, designs and materials. Picture: Bathroom Bizarre

If you are planning a complete bathroom makeover or just want to add a few stylish updates, this year’s bathroom trends will add more than a touch of glam to that small room.

1 Eco-friendly choices: Water-saving taps and shower roses are in as people get on board the “green” train The fact that these choices save money is an added benefit.

2 Colours: Earthy, nature-inspired hues are in – whites, off-whites, beiges, browns and greys. But vibrant colours, like blues, greens, oranges or bright pinks, are being added. Add colour by including brightly coloured mosaic tiles as borders, tile splashbacks or shower floors, or include printed glass shower screens, splashbacks or countertops into the design.

3 Streamlined design: Modern clean lines are being chosen over traditional. But on trend now is a mixture of contemporary and traditional – simpler than traditional styles, but more elaborate than the contemporary.

4 Nature’s influence: Nature is the number one inspiration for bathroom design today in colours, designs and materials. Stone countertops, like granite, quartz and composite stone are favourites. Wood is popular, whether faux or solid, and materials with a raw wood finish are being featured extensively in bathroom cabinetry, vanities and flooring. Faux wood ceramic tiles are a prime example of this trend – they look like wood, but have the benefits of tile. Graphics from nature – flowers, rocks or outdoor landscape scenes – are there in the form of window dressings, towels, bath mats, shower curtains or printed glass shower screens or splashbacks.

5 Let the light in: Bathroom lighting is no longer plain and functional – it is a feature. Ornate fittings, such as chandeliers or contemporary pendant fittings, have found their way into the bathroom too.

6 Decorative tiles: Whether on the floors, walls, as splashbacks or in shower enclosures – eye-catching tiles are taking centre stage. Large format tiles are popular, as are tiles that emulate other materials, like wood, stone or even concrete. Tiles with large graphic prints are also popular. Porcelain tiles are chosen for top-end bathrooms, while new printing techniques have allowed ceramic tiles to hold their own.

7 Space-saving cabinetry and vanities: Today’s bathroom cabinets create additional storage space, without having to increase the footprint of the room itself. Floating vanities and cabinetry (attached to the wall) are the most popular choices – not only do they look sleek and elegant, but they also make the room appear larger and allow for under-cabinet lighting.

8 Accentuated with accessories: Functional items like soap holders, shelves, towel racks, robe hooks and toilet roll and brush holders have become beautifully designed to complement the bathroom design.

9 A spa-like experience: The quest to emulate spa-like luxury in residential bathrooms has never been stronger. Lavish installations, like heated towel rails, underfloor heating, waterproof music speakers, ambience lighting in products such as colour-changing LED-lit shower heads, and oversized spa-like shower enclosures, complete with an oversized showerhead and body jets, feature in today’s luxury bathrooms.

10 Art: Due to the hot, wet and steamy conditions, bathrooms have traditionally remained visually sterile, but homeowners are looking for ways to inject a bit of excitement and individuality into their bathrooms by including graphics into the mix. Beautifully printed tiles or printed glass screens are ideal, as they are waterproof and can withstand the often harsh bathroom conditions. - Daily News

* Trends identified by Saville Jacobson of Bathroom Bizarre.