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Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Still living at home? Make your room yours by embracing your space

The mistake people make when buying literally anything is overspending. Picture: IANS

The mistake people make when buying literally anything is overspending. Picture: IANS

Published Mar 1, 2022


For this reason, even millennials are crashing with mom or dad or other relatives.

When you have to share space with other people, even if they are family, creating your own haven makes the arrangement a much more pleasant experience.

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Decor on a budget

If finances are your greatest obstacle, get money-savvy.

Mistake #1

The mistake people make when buying literally anything is overspending. Glamorous thinking paired with extravagant ideas may be to blame for pricey purchases.

The reality is that not all things that glitter are expensive. You just need to know where to shop, and, of course, bring out your crafty side to transform what you already possess.

Mistake #2

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The key to budget décor is to keep your space in mind.

This is an extension of the first mistake. People often buy more than what is needed. Either because they forget the space they’re shopping for, or because they ‘need’ additional options.

Now that the warnings are out of the way, here are a few tips for inspiration.

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Multifunctional furniture pieces

Do not be discouraged by a lack of space. An easy way to make a tiny bedroom feel like a flat is to invest in furniture that doubles as something else:

  • A bed with drawers
  • Floating desk that doubles as a shelf or a seat when paired with a fluffy cushion
  • A sleeper chair

Tiny-space-friendly pieces

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These items will help you make the most of a limited space:

  • Fold-up furniture such as desks and chairs
  • Sleeper couches
  • Murphy bed
  • Wall shelves for books and ornamental objects
  • Floating desk (pair with folding chair)

DIY options

  • Bed with built-in drawers
  • Floating shelves and/or block shelves

The first item is a great storage hack and countless videos exist explaining how to make one.

@brandie_builds DIY Under Bed Drawers!! #storage #storagehacks #diy #girlswhobuild #foryou #foryoupage #farmhouse #fyp ♬ Party Elite (Instrumental) - BLVKSHP

If you’re not very handy, turn it into a fun project with your friends or family members.


Below are a few trendy décor ideas to make your space a glamorous one!

Gallery wall

Liven up your living space with items such as posters, paintings, clocks and mirrors.

Go Bohemian

One can never go wrong with this styling. Beautiful shapes for ordinary items such as light frames can make a dull area hypnotic.

LED lights

The greatest trend of them all! These come in a variety of colours so that you can ‘flip the switch’ to match your mood and create a relaxed ambience.

Spiritual pieces

Spice up your room with eclectic witchy pieces. Items such as candles, dream catchers, moon ornaments, and crystals and healing stones are great options for this theme.

Let out your inner pagan!

Faux fur

These are a trend among Generation Alpha and Generation Z. Embrace this material in the form of rugs, blankies, and pillow covers, among other things.

They create a cosy and homey atmosphere and are perfect for the bedroom.

A Kinder World

In contrast to what our forefathers (or mothers!) wore, youngsters are opting for faux fur as an alternative to ‘high-end’ (real) fur.

Although faux fur is in and of itself an environmental threat, the journey towards sustainability is an active one.

While faux fur keeps improving, (real fur) is always going to be the same.

-Ashley Byrne, Peta campaign specialist

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