For book lovers, it’s just the added benefit of having all your treasured reads in one place. Picture: PxHere

Home libraries are no longer the domain of wealthy aristocrats or bibliophiles.

In recent times, decor mags and blogs have taken a keen interest in this once neglected part of the home. What once only appealed to the bourgeoisie crowd is finding its way into the glossy pages of interior decor books, and the Instagram generation is lapping it up.

These days having a library is a prerequisite for homeowners who hope to add a certain je ne sais quoi to their interiors. And for book lovers, it’s just the added benefit of having all your treasured reads in one place.

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book in a relaxing space. So if you’re looking to incorporate a library into your home, why not take some inspiration from the following…


If you’re envisioning a contemporary space, nothing screams modern more than the colour white. It’s a cool, calming tone that appears stark, but not overwhelming when combined with other design aspects.

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A custom-built white bookshelf that takes up an entire wall is a great focal point in any home. Tone down the sharp lines with an occasion chair made from soft, pastel fabrics.


Think of it as your literary retreat and treat it as such.

Create an intimate space by adding personal touches like a desk lamp and rug. Architectural Digest suggests a “fireplace, desk, or snug sitting area keep things just as interesting as the volumes on the shelves”.

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Comfort takes precedence, so if you are short on space, building a reading nook into your shelving solves that problem, recommends design blog The Spruce.


Grand and imposing, these are the things library dreams are made of. But sometimes space and budget constraints can dent your expectations. But don’t let this deter you from thinking big. If your curated book collection is something you want to display in all its grandeur, go ahead and think out of the box like getting creative with storage space by utilizing all the blank walls in the room, and taking your bookcases all the way up to your ceiling.

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When it comes to adding a dash of elegance, professional interior designers, AfroChic says a few simple things like classic chairs make the world of difference.

Dual purpose

Most homeowners don’t have the luxury of dedicating an entire room to a library, but there are ways to incorporate it into the rest of your home. Your study, living room and even the dining room could be considered great options for combining your reading pleasure with other aspects of your life.

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