Harkening to the psychotropical trend is the digital print trend inspired by Camille Walala. Pictures: Supplied

There are so many inspired trends that have burst onto the 2018 décor, design and lifestyle platform, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which will work best. It’s always useful to have some guidance from experts in the industry so here’s the Decorex team’s favourite picks of the 2018 trends.

Sian Cullingworth 


“I loved the botanical trend in 2017, and feel that this is an eccentric extension of that. I love the interesting contrast created by the juxtaposition of the man-made creation and the natural. The psychotropic trend is defined by vibrant palettes; vivid tropical patterns and digitised prints; lush, botanical themes with a heightened, near-synthetic form and motifs with a hallucinogenic quality.”

Anita Bloom

Creative Director

Hygge vs Lagom

“This lifestyle trend is my favourite! Creating spaces to escape the hustle and bustle of our busy daily lives is imperative for me – especially as a creative. I need to escape the noise and retreat into silence and solace in order for the creative juices to flow.”

Lauren Zeeman

Trade Marketing Manager

Mixed Metallics

“My top trend for 2018 is definitely the infusion of metals into the home! Mixed Metallics complements light and dark wood finishes, a striking and edgy look for the modern businesswoman!”

Psychotropical: This emerging trend emanates from the psychedelic movement while evolving into a digital modernity that touches on the natural

Roxanne Moodley

Consumer Marketing Manager

Natural Element

“This trend really resonates with me. The neutral tones, flowing lines and rough textures that all reflect the natural.”

Reshnie Naidoo

Senior Sales Coordinator

Moroccan Fish Scales

“This is my favourite trend because of its unique shape and charm. The shape of the various tiles is highly versatile and can be used to fill any size space.”

Anneline Naidoo

Sales Manager

Moroccan Fish Scales: This aquatic trend brings the soothing, oceanic movement into any space with the repetitive, overlapping pattern reminiscent of rolling waves.

Mixed Metallics

“I really enjoy how this trend creates a much subtler approach to décor, adding character and depth while also bringing in an eclectic feeling of warmth to any room.”

Heather Reid

Creative Coordinator

Digital Print

“In my opinion, this trend stands out as ‘larger-than-life’. The Digital Print trend gives off a happy, bold feeling and reminds me to have fun. In a world where there always seems to be hardship and sadness, the trend tends to direct my mind to a happy space, a space I want to reside in.”