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From the detailed frescoes at the Palace of Versailles to the vibrant mosaic art at the Shah Mosque, historical buildings across the globe boast lavishly decorated ceilings.

Vibrant mosaic art at the Shah Mosque. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

Nevertheless, after plastering our walls with wallpaper or paint, ceilings are left for last, and a simple wash of white paint seems to do.

In 2018, however, statement ceilings are having their moment in the sun. Being dubbed “The Fifth Wall” of rooms, they have the ability to give spaces an instant face lift, add pops of colour and texture to dull areas and create a point of interest. It’s no wonder that Pinterest has seen a 310% increase in saved pins for this trend.

Here are six stunning ways to transform your room from top to bottom with statement ceilings:

Plaster mouldings

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The ornamentation of the Victorian era meets modern day with detailed plaster mouldings. During the Victorian era, the popularity of plaster ornaments increased enormously and were used more freely, adding modern twists, despite still having historical influence. Use them to add add detail to vertical spaces and break up solid white ceilings using texture.

Wooden beams

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Warm toned and rustic, exposed wooden beams not only offer structural support, they give homes a cosy atmosphere. Best suited for high ceilings, the look is reminiscent of a cabin in the woods, however this trend blends perfectly with modern decor.


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Make your ceiling an accent wall using wallpaper. From foliage and floral prints to geometric shapes in metallic shades, just make sure that the scale of the pattern is in proportion with the room size. A large room can handle bold, flourishing designs, whereas smaller rooms require finer, more delicate patterns.

Vaulted ceilings

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Raise the bar with vaulted ceilings. This lofty design aesthetic is ideal for creating openness in living spaces using exposed beams and height.

Barrel ceiling

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This look gets its name from looking like a barrel that was cut in half - barrel ceilings also fall under the vaulted category. The tunnel shape brings movement and flow to spaces and, paired with the right decor, can lend character to a small room.


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Go all out by adding a pop of colour to rooms with a vibrantly painted ceiling. This trend looks gorgeous when the colours used mimic the hues of the decor in the room, almost as though the ceiling reflects what’s below.