An example of a gold leather Moroccan pouf

It seems like only yesterday that the single most popular metallic tone when it came to decor, design and fashion accessories was silver.

From jewellery to kitchen accessories, sterling silver to stainless steel, even picture frames to lights – the 1980s influence of that matte Calvin Klein perfume bottle top, and all that was sleek and silver and minimalist, continued to make itself felt for many, many years.

The growing popularity of retro or mid-century modern furniture, and the chrome finishes that we all associate with that era, only added to the rule of the grey-white metal. Of course, anyone getting engaged in recent years only had a platinum or white gold engagement ring.

Then, about two years ago, we felt the shift to gold begin. And it wasn’t just about the yellow metal: all the warm tones, from pinkish copper to beaten brass and then the blingy 24 carats that were being seen in jewellery, objets, lights, furniture, wall coverings and even fabric.

Our first sighting of warm golden design was when Tom Dixon created those copper-coloured orb lights and countless imitators sprang up in his wake.

And when the world’s leading watch brands like Panerai and Cartier started creating pink gold versions of their classic, we knew the yellow metal was officially back in favour.

Now it’s not unusual for interior designers to find a spot for genuine gold leaf on the walls or a piece of furniture – and we love it.

Serious trend analysts will say the decor and design world’s flight to gold has a lot to do with the economic uncertainty around the globe.

Gold has always represented all that is safe in investment terms; could it be the creatives feel the same way? Whether zeitgeist-led or simply a world in love with a luxurious and often exotic new look, designers, fabric houses and interior designers locally and internationally are reflecting a lot of golden inspiration.

A design team leading the local gold rush is Egg Design, from Durban. We love their contemporary interpretation of a classic French armoire, with the doors laser cut and copper plated to create an ever-changing, rich patina effect. Egg’s dramatic copper rosette sideboard is a show-stopper.

Andrea Kleinloog at Anatomy produced some spectacular copper vessels a while ago and we’re pretty sure that range is going to be expanding.


The golden love affair does not stop with objets and lights. Wall coatings and fabrics are also now available in gleaming tones.

Fabcote stocks real gold leaf wall-coverings and Hertex’s Hide and Sleek range of faux leather textiles come in a wide variety of burnished colours.

But if there’s one golden item we covet right now, it’s got to be the gold leather Moroccan pouffe available on Amazon.

The perfect gold accent that would add exotic glamour in an instant. Guess who’s going shopping? - The Mercury