The Malouf Z Lounge pillow is designed for sitting on floors or in backless seats. Pic: Supplied

If I could be a sloth all day and spend the day in bed watching Netflix or reading books this pillow would undoubtedly become my most cherished asset!

For many of us a bed is much more than simply a place to sleep — we spend hours lounging, reading, catching up on emails and watching TV, often struggling to find a comfortable position.

The Malouf Z Lounge pillow has an overfilled back that supports the upper body, with side arms to reduce shoulder strain. Scrunching our standard sleep pillows against the headboard does not give our spine sufficient support  and compromises the durability of your pillows.

Reading pillows  are specially designed to cradle and support our body comfortably while seated upright on a bed, floor, or on a couch.

I have been using my pillow for about a month now and I honestly can say that  it is a brilliant buy. Now a reading/lounge pillow may not be something that most of us would consider buying, however, I have realised that for those of us who do spend our evenings (or days) sitting for long periods of time, either on our bed or on a couch, this is an essential item (even if we didn’t know it prior to trying it out).

It has become something of a competition between my husband and I as to who claims the lounge pillow first when watching TV on the couch or in bed and I realized that it is comparable to a portable armchair - but far much more versatile and portable.

It would be ideal for use after a C-section as lying flat can be uncomfortable as it props you up, and would work well when breastfeeding. It would also be beneficial for those who suffer from acid reflex or indigestion as it keeps the upper body elevated and comfortable.

There are a few features that I find make it really versatile: 

  • The cover is soft and silky to the touch (although it is not removable, which would be ideal).
  • The grey colour is neutral and works well in most decor.
  • The handle makes it easy to pick up and move to wherever it is needed.
  • The shredded foam is super soft and comfortable.

The Malouf Z Lounge pillow is designed for sitting on floors or in backless seats. It has 2 supporting arms on the side and a raised back of 44cm high. 
It  is filled with shredded foam encased in a cover made of polyester and rayon from bamboo.
RRP is R999 from Tempur-Vencasa Showroomsnationwide.