Smartwatches aren’t only about looking slick whilst keeping on top of your health and everyday activities.
Get the tech lover in your life something to rave about with our list of gadget gifts.

Bluetooth speakers

Small in size, but not subtle in sound, bluetooth speakers yield clean and precise sound even at high levels. With either sleek modern designs or a retro-chic look that nods to the golden days of rock ‘n’ roll, these devices can be hooked up wirelessly via Bluetooth, use the RCA input to plug in your record player, or simply be connected to your cell phone via the auxiliary input. Take the party on the go from poolside to rooftops, these speakers go where you go.

Smart watch

Smartwatches aren’t only about looking slick whilst keeping on top of your health and everyday activities. These days, they’re fully equipped to track workouts, monitor stress levels, access the internet which in turn opens them up to a whole world of potential. Message notifications, GPS navigation and calendar synchronisation are just a few of the handy tools available that gadget-loves will swoon over.

Wireless phone charger 

Techies love new gadgets and gizmos that make their lives easier and wireless chargers do just that. Wireless charging works by transferring energy from the charger to a receiver in the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. It’s a safer way to transfer power to your phone, simply just drop your phone on the charging pad, plus it puts less strain on the charging port.

At-home movie projector

Movie projectors take home entertainment to extreme levels that extend beyond the boundaries of television screens. Techies will enjoy immersing themselves in a premium theatre experience from any room of their home with laser projectors offering bright, detailed picture quality and up to a 150 inch cinematic display.

Smart speaker

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Crafted in high-grade aluminium with incredible attention to detail, the material choice for smart speakers goes well beyond aesthetics. Have your hands full with keeping guests happy? No problem. Just say the special command and ask for your favourite playlist, to hear the latest news, schedule an appointment or find out the local weather report. 

They also provides superior acoustic properties that eliminate any distortion of sound creating full bodied sound experience that fills the entire room from anywhere you place them.