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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Top 10 eco-friendly Christmas trends for 2021

Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.

Published Nov 17, 2021


Superdry analysed Google data to discover which green Christmas trends were rising in popularity the most in the run-up to this year’s festive season, and alongside plantable Christmas cards, reusable crackers, plant-based glitter and reusable advent calendars also made the top five.

Top 10 eco-friendly Christmas trends for 2021:

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Plantable Christmas cards


Hundreds of thousands of Christmas cards are sent out each year but, the paper, envelope, nylon foil, glitters, pins, and other decorative plastic materials are unable to be recycled.

While they are items of sentimentality, they ultimately contribute to clutter and waste that eventually gets tossed in the bin, eventually filling up the landfill sites.

Plantable greeting cards are a wonderful eco-friendly solution.

Embedded with wildflower daisy seeds and a range of other varieties to choose from, these cards can be ripped up after reading and popped into some soil to be admired for years to come.

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Reusable Christmas crackers


How often do we pop Christmas crackers throughout the festive season?

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From work parties to Christmas lunch and even at local markets and events.

While they’re thrilling, fun for kids and make the table setting look a little more festive, they’re ultimately filled with plastic junk that is almost always thrown in the bin by the end of the day.

Reusable crackers come in DIY sets with the shell and “snaps” to make the loud cracking sound we all love.

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Each year you can replace the snaps and the gifts, opting for more meaningful trinkets that won’t be discarded.

Plant-based glitter


From confetti to glitter, these microplastics are beautiful, vibrant and decorative but they can also leach into our environment through water and sanitation systems, causing harm to animals and their habitats.

Plant-based glitters however are made of compostable, plant-derived materials.

Alternate confetti options also include coloured rice, seed confetti, popcorn and the likes thereof.

They’re also a lot easier to clean up since they don’t stick to every surface of your body and home.

Reusable advent calendar


What would the countdown the Christmas be without having an advent calendar to pop open each day and retrieve a treat?

Some families go out with each member having their very own calendar, but with all the wrapping, packaging and sweets inside, at the end of the day it’s just contributing to unnecessary spending and waste.

Instead, buy a reusable advent calendar, one for the entire family that can fit multiple treats inside.

There are beautiful wooden versions with ornate detailing and stunning little draws to hide chocolates and toys inside.

Or, you can get together as a family and make your very own advent calendar using found materials at home.

Vegan Christmas recipes


While visuals of a succulent roast turkey with all the fixings are usually what come to mind when we think of Christmas lunch or dinner, in 2021, things are moving toward being more plant-based.

There is a myriad of vegan meat and dairy substitutes that make for flavourful, balanced meals that can be dressed up with delicious sauces, fresh fruit and vegetables.

From Pinterest to Instagram and even blogs, it’s becoming common knowledge that veganism doesn’t mean a lack of flavour.

Instead, it can be innovative, wholesome and

Organic turkey


Now more than ever, people are growing more concerned with what goes into their bodies.

Healthy, organic and local produce is on everyone’s mind this Christmas as we strive to make kinder, more ethical and healthier food options.

As a bonus, organic foods have a greater nutrient quotient, being rich in antioxidants, than conventionally cultivated foods.

People who have food sensitivities or allergies are usually triggered by chemicals or preservatives that heighten symptoms.

When you opt for organic, usually these additives are absent which help allergic reactions to improve or disappear.

As for vegetables, or anything that comes from the ground, when you buy organic you also buy foods free of harmful pesticides.

Second hand Christmas tree


People looking to downsize, ride their homes of clutter or who are moving country always try to sell things like Christmas trees online – sometimes it’s even for free.

Look around on various platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree to see what’s out there.

It’s cheaper and helps contribute towards a circular economy.

Reusable wrapping paper


Instead of buying new rolls of wrapping paper every Christmas, start saving paper, gift boxes and bags from birthdays and other celebrations throughout the year.

Those can all be reused if kept in good condition.

As a fun activity for kids, old newspapers can also be decorated with paint and pens with Christmas themed characters making for a stunning home-made twist on what is usually a far more commercial trend.

Scrap fabric can be bought from clothing factories or picked up free of charge, these can be used to either make satchels for carrying gifts or to tie around presents.

This way people still have the excitement of “unwrapping” a gift without the waste.

Sustainable gifts


The lifespan of cheaply made plastic toys isn’t longer than a few weeks, or minutes in some instances.

The options for recycling plastic toys are limited as they are typically composed of various other materials too, often metals.

The recyclable components can’t be separated and are therefore banned from recycling centres and bins.

Wooden toys or plush toys made from organic materials are both better options for the environment.

Whether it’s because of the durability or the fact that wood doesn’t shatter posing as a potential threat to children, parents are looking to replace plastic toys with wooden one's made from sustainably harvested resources.

Christmas tree rental


Instead of buying a new plastic tree or getting a real one, why not consider hiring one instead?

Rented trees will save you from having to store a huge box in the garage that ends up accumulating dust and can only be used once a year.

You can also hire decorations, this way, you can freshen up your decor with a range of new aesthetics without having to buy new tinsel, baubles and lights every year.