Mineral grey replaces yellow as a cool neutral tone for babies' nurseries.
Image: Pinterest
Mineral grey replaces yellow as a cool neutral tone for babies' nurseries. Image: Pinterest

Trend Alert: Sophisticated decor for nurseries

By SACHA VAN NIEKERK Time of article published Jun 11, 2018

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In 2018, we’re saying bye-bye to baby blue, pastel pink, frilly lace trimmings and vintage cots to make way for modern, gender-neutral decor in nurseries.

Having a baby on the way is exciting, but before rushing into decorating the nursery, consider the fact that your newborn will soon grow into a preschooler, and one day, a teenager, with their own individual tastes and opinions.

One of the latest trends in nursery decor, according to Pinterest’s Hot 100 list, is more sophisticated nurseries that are designed to grow with children. So, unless you don’t mind having a major room makeover somewhere on the horizon, considering an “age neutral” nursery may be the best option. It will also save you a tonne of time, money and stress.

From natural wood paired with forest green to retro patterns, this list has the latest in decor trends for mature nurseries:

Mineral Grey

The dark hues of this neutral colour is replacing yellow in nurseries. Its softness pairs well with a variety of colours, perfect for when it comes time to update your decor as it will complement practically anything. Grey furniture also hides stains better than white or yellow, meaning your decor will look fresher for longer.

Warm wood tones

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The warm, earthy tones of natural exposed wood transforms spaces into cosy sanctuaries. The lightness of the colour allows it to layer up with other decor and furniture without getting too “heavy”,  like its darker counterpart would. Neutral and natural tones also age well and will grow with your child and their developing taste - from their Peppa Pig phase through to their angsty teenage years.


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Whether it’s a constellation of stars, metallic geometric patterns or a floral design in blush and green, wallpaper is back in a big way. In nurseries, it often features on a statement wall, on the side where the crib would be placed. Wallpaper adds colour and detail to rooms without taking up any room, perfect for nurseries.


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Vintage with a personal touch, boho-chic has a rich colour palette and unusual style that’s making a fresh and modern comeback. Neutral, warm colours, seen in natural-wooden furniture, paired with the colourful and playful patterns on tapestries and rugs make for a stunning boho-chic nursery.

Bold patterns

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Pull everything together with bold patterns. From an accent wall, statement feeding chair or a whimsical rug, add personality to your the room using pattern without overdoing it - it is still a baby's room after all.

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