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From adorable animal-themed storage baskets to intricate cribs and rocking chairs, wicker adds warmth and nostalgia to nurseries with its vintage charm.

As parents prepare for their baby’s arrival, in a flurry of excitement and nerves, finally getting started on the nursery decor can become daunting. There are a myriad of things to consider, and comfort and convenience, tied together with what’s currently trendy, are at the very top of the list.

Since 2018 is the year for saying goodbye to baby blue, pastel pink, frilly lace trimmings and vintage cots to make room for modern, gender-neutral decor in nurseries, wicker has become the new way forward to achieve this.  

Making a splash in the world of fashion and design, the material, often referred to as wicker, rattan or straw, is somewhat reminiscent of picnic the baskets, packed with sandwiches and lemonade, that families would take on trips to the park once upon a time. Pliable twigs are plaited or woven into a variety of stylish forms. Pom-poms, embroidery, leather straps and fabric detailing are then added to elevate the look - transforming it into contemporary decor with ‘beach-chic’ appeal.

If you’re considering going for a wonderful wicker nursery, here are seven stunning ideas to get you started:

1. Crib

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Bright hues pair beautifully with the natural colour of the exposed, unpainted wood. 

2. Storage

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Forget plastic containers, wicker baskets on shelves are ideal for storing clothes, nappies and toys in a tidy fashion. Once again, the natural colour of the wood adds warmth and blends well with a rustic or vintage theme.

3. Comfy chair

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Paint wicker to fit the colour palette of your nursery. Commonly made with twigs from willow trees, wicker is lighter than solid wood and has a durable quality, perfect for curious toddlers with a knack for climbing on furniture.

4. Laundry hamper

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There are thousands of ways to incorporate wicker into your baby's nursery, and this proves it. Laundry hampers are not often thought of when it comes to decor. However, when you have a baby, there will be plenty of washing up to do, and having one in the room is a necessity. Rather than opting for basic, pick something that has character and charm.

5. Rocking horse

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Simple in detail, a vintage wicker rocking horse adds personality and a feel of nostalgia to nurseries. 

6. Bedside table

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The intricate details of the crisscrossed wicker creates pattern, transforming dull spaces into an eye-catching element in any room.

7. Rocking chair 

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Can't you just picture rocking your newborn baby to sleep in this artfully designed rocking chair?