Wellness holidays are on the rise in 2021. Picture: Instagram.
Wellness holidays are on the rise in 2021. Picture: Instagram.

Want to live your best soft life? These are the luxury lifestyle trends for 2021

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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No one could have foreseen how much change 2020 would bring about for the luxury lifestyle space.

From travel, right down to designer goods in fashion, beauty and home decor, the desire for companies to reflect the experiences of their customers has become necessary in order to remain relevant.

What luxury will look like in 2021:

Home comforts

Plush duck down feather pillows wrapped in silk cases, one thousand thread count sheets draped over a mattress that feels like sinking into a cloud ‒ when it comes to home luxuries, money is no object.

Consumers are looking to invest in their homes by opting for quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs. Last year we experienced a perfectly eye-opening display of how a sudden shift in our reality can alter what we deem valuable in life and, in turn, the way we view trends. In a nutshell, making our homes into safe havens meant far more than keeping up with the latest decor and design fads.

Bare beauty

We’re going out far less than before and our need to cake on a full face of makeup has significantly decreased. Not to mention, face masks make wearing foundation and lipstick a smudgy nightmare. Nevertheless, makeup and beauty are part of an industry that continues to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

If skincare is going to soar in popularity, it only makes sense that a trimmed down makeup routine follows suit. Everyone from celebrities to influencers have been showing off their updated everyday makeup routines now featuring feathered brows over structured, nude or berry stained lips instead of overlined and light dewy foundation instead of a harsh contour.

Cosy couture

With comfort being everyone’s main priority during this time, we’ve seen everything from soft knitted co-ords to fleece tracksuits and sweats become the lockdown outfit of choice. And, with that, what used to be an outfit we wouldn’t want to be seen in setting foot outdoors (except maybe to fetch the mail), is now one of the most fashion forward garments of the season.

Taking things up a notch these loungewear sets are nothing like the mismatched, worn out tracksuits of the past. Made from plush materials like cashmere and silk, they’re structured to offer a flattering fit and come in matching sets that makes the wearer look effortlessly put together.

Rise of online luxury

Retail shopping of all different kinds have moved online along with a host of other activities. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, beauty products or interior decor, finding exactly what suits you best will be far easier than in previous years.

We can all enjoy the ease and efficiency that the online shopping space has to offer. Google’s shopping app, allows you to search through the web and browse recommendations from beauty, apparel and home and garden enthusiasts and experts about their favourite products. According to the app, if something catches your eye, you can hear directly from experts on why they love the product and how they use it.

Cosmetic brands have also taken the online realm by storm. Bobbi Brown allows its customers to book complimentary one-on-one or group video sessions with a top Bobbi Brown artist for makeup tips and tutorials tailored just to you. Maybelline has a feature that allows its site users to experience their perfect eye, face and lip shades or try a bold new look with Maybelline’s virtual try-on tool. To begin, all they need to do is turn on their cameras, upload a photo, or select a model.

Smart hotels

Having a robot carry your bags to your room seems like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but for many hotels around the globe, it’s just part of the package.

People’s needs and wants have drastically changed resulting in the hotel industry remodelling itself to suit the reality of our “new normal”. Travel is deemed a high risk activity and many people are choosing to steer clear of face-to-face contact with people outside of their bubble, so incorporating AI robots could not have come at a better time for the travel and tourism industry.

Hotels of present rely heavily on AI. Whether it’s room service, security, management or even maintenance and cleaning, we’re sure to see more and more hotels of this kind cropping up all around the globe.

Healing holidays

Stress, anxiety and uncertainty bubbled to the surface last year forcing us to rethink how we viewed the need for time away and vacations. With health and wellness already on everyone’s minds, the tourism industry has started to take note.

Wellness vacations, eco-tourism and healing holidays are going to be big once more borders open up and people become comfortable with travelling again. From yoga retreats in the mountains to entire packages consisting of meditation classes and consultations with ayurvedic doctors, tourism sectors are readying themselves to cater for an unprecedented demand for physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing packages.

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