Kim and Kanye West's Hidden Hills home is kitted out with a full luxury spa. Picture:

Celebrity homes are often luxurious and boasts some of the finest things money can buy.

This video takes a look at the top 10 insane homes that some celebs have splashed their cash on without batting an eyelid.

Did you know late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion has 26 rooms, and he could control everything in his home from the comfort of his bed?

Kim and Kanye West's Hidden Hills mansion is worth about $20-million. Bought in 2014, they weren't completely happy with their new home, and spent a further three years renovating it.

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr seems to have given up the whims of Hollywood for a 19th century windmill. Originally built to be a playhouse in the Hamptons, it's a home that's as eccentric as its owner.

Model Naomi Campbell was gifted an Egyptian-themed eco house by Russian billionaire ex-boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. The project was apparently given an unlimited budget to ensure full efficiency.